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Follow-up is the term I came up with for the products on this page but the list continues to grow and the term is getting stretched more and more. These are tools that are not a CRM, but will help you in your business in various ways. Check them out and see if one appeals to you.

Everyone knows you need to stay in touch with your Sphere of Influence if you want repeat and referral business. But do you do it? What is the best way to follow-up? By phone! But you can’t call them every month so what do you do in the interim? Following is a collection of everything from drip email campaigns to full blow marketing programs.

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As a real estate agent, when it comes to the time between contract and closing, you are a conductor. You have all the players and you need to make sure everyone is on the same page. How much time do you spend checking details of each transaction and then either calling or emailing the responsible parties to make sure they are doing what they should be doing, when they should be doing it? Sending those reminders is what AOSDates does for you, automatically and inexpensively.

Dave Beson Letter Writer Platinum

Dave Beson Letterwriter

“If you have Top Producer, Agent Office, Advantage Xi , Active Agent for Outlook, Respond, WiseAgent, Goldmine, Howard & Friends, or Agent’s 1st Choice, you have the ability to ‘launch’ “Follow-up campaigns”, also known as  “Activity Plans”. Most agents think of them as “Drip Campaigns”. If you are NOT launching ANY kind of follow-up campaigns, you ARE losing money by not getting the referrals you COULD be getting. Following are some things you SHOULD be doing!



FiveStreet is a lead aggregation and distribution solution. It allows you to have all of your leads feed into one place to then be distributed to team members. It is not a Real Estate CRM. If what you want is to organize your leads coming in and be able to follow up to a degree then this is definitely worth looking at.

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Market Snapshot

This is arguably the best overall follow-up solution out there. It gives people what they want most. Listings, recent sales, market trends in their neighborhood, not to mention community information and school information. This is for both follow-up and lead generation. It includes free templated landing pages that can serve as stealth pages as well.

My Real Estate Letters

Real Estate Letters

Receive instant access to 300 ready-to-use prospecting and relationship building letters guaranteed to grow your business! There’s no other letter-writing software like it on the market.

Real estate Word

Real Estate Word Newsletter

They’ll send this newsletter out for you as it is or you can add information to it. It can be as easy and automated as you make it.

The Referral Marketing System

Referral Marketing Systems

Direct mail, Email. Social Media. They provide content for it all. Great writing and great people.



What is this product? Right now you spend 100% of your time and money to be in front of 100% of the residents in your farm. Smartzip enables you to spend 20% of your time and money but still be in touch with 40 – 50% of the homes that are going to sell in the next six months. It’s all about Return on Investment.


Trans-Plans Listing & Closing Workflows

As an operations and production manager in a past life, I understand the value of procedures. Most agents think of transaction management as being done by their office listing or closing coordinator. Nothing could be farther from the truth. You perform well over 100 to-do’s, calls, and emails/letters for each transaction. The coordinators only do half of them at the very most. And what they do, you should be checking on. You also should not assume any of the parties involved in the transaction are doing what they are supposed to be doing. If you want to close on time, you need to be organized and do great follow-up with them. That is exactly what these were created to do. These are a compilation of the ones I originally created in 1988 for my own use and the ideas and procedures from many agents around the country who I have helped build theirs since then. Do want to be one of the most well respected agents in your market? I was. Because agents knew how organized I was. If I had a buyer for one of their listings, they would try harder to close it because they knew the transaction would go smoothly. Because they knew I was always on top of every aspect of the transaction. It’s a good feeling.


Trans-Plans Listing & Closing Emails

These are my Trans-Plans minus the plans. They are just the emails.