Realvolve Real Estate CRM Review – Part 3

It turned out to be quite long but hey, if you’re doing your due diligence. this should help a lot.    

Realvolve Real Estate CRM Review – Part 2

Realvolve Real estate CRM Review – Part Two – Yesterday was Part One and here’s part two. Part Three should be coming tomorrow. I’ll post it here.    

Realvolve Real Estate CRM Review – Part One

I got started on this one and it just kept getting longer. What can I say – I really like talking about this Realvolve. So I’m sorry it’s so long but hopefully it will be worth it.  

Top Producer Adds Export Features

OK not earth shattering news but for those of you using Top Producer and not noticing it, here are a couple changes made recently. Apparently ther users have been asking for some additional export options so they added them. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words.   Another sensible change. The Follow-Up Coach […]

WiseAgent – LES is More

OK I made up the acronym but it wasn’t too difficult. LES – Lead Enhancement System. How often does a lead come in with the only information being an email address? Or maybe you get a name too. But those bare minimum amount of information leads can be a pain. Not too long ago WiseAgent […]