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Wow! I feel like I just had a baby!

I thought writing Choosing and Using a CRM was a major project! Although both were a labor of love, this site took the better part of nine months. What a co-inky-dink! It’s over 100 web pages and easily over twice that in typed pages. And it will continue to grow with new products and product news, reviews,  my ongoing blogging, and who knows what’s next. By the way – I’m always open to ideas. Make a suggestion. Who knows?

NOTE: This site was just launched March 25th and I just turned everything on on the 30th. 

And by the way, I brought the vast majority of what was on the old site to this one, but not all. If you have been going to my old site and can’t find something you need, by all means let me know and I’ll either let you know where it is or I’ll consider adding it.

So this is unofficially Version 3.0. Click here to see version 1.0 from 1999 if you want a chuckle. I wrote the first one in pure HTML. For my last site (Version 2.0) I used Front Page and then MS Expression Web for a little while. Now it’s WordPress! You can see on my first site that Online Agent/Agent 2000/Agent Office was the only CRM I had. A lot has changed.

There is more information here specific to Real Estate CRM than anywhere else on the Internet. I hope you find it useful in your pursuit of the right products for you. Please make use of it, fill out my CRM Selection Questionnaire or call me if you prefer.

My business model is to provide you with the most accurate, up to date, and comprehensive information in the world on Real Estate CRM. If you appreciate the tools I have provided here and would like to reward me for my efforts, then please trial or purchase your products here. That’s how I get compensated. So I very much hope you appreciate this site! :)

So now that the business is done – I know it sounds trite but I’m really excited about Version 3.0. It has so many advantages over the old one. For the most part on the old site I essentially copied the content from the vendor’s site. That wasn’t much added value for you. Now each CRM has an extensive review with all kinds of information and screen captures. I essentially replaced the Matrix from my old site with a CRM by CRM review instead. And I did something a little different with the screen captures. You can actually read them. What a concept! How many times have you clicked on an image only to find that it doesn’t make it much better or bigger? It may take the pages a little longer to load but it seems to me it’s worth it. In most cases there is much more information here than on the vendor’s site. And for each product there is a corresponding forum.

It would be very much appreciated if you could visit the forum for the CRM you use or that you are looking at, and post a comment here.


If you have nothing to say you can simply introduce yourself as a user or a prospective user. It is my hope that this site can become the site where the world goes to learn about Real Estate CRM, or to find ongoing help in the forum/community of your choice. That will only happen if people contribute, and the sooner the better. It is critical that people start right away so others see activity and are encouraged to contribute. Will you help me make that happen?

CRM Blog

Additionally I now have my own blog on the site and I will be posting in it constantly with updates to CRMs, new product announcements, trends in the industry, new unique features in the industry, best practice tips, and much more.



Also, I am expanding my Follow-up/Marketing offerings. Look for that on the top menu.

My store is now part of the site as well. It used to go out to a third party but this is much better.

The search box in the upper right hand corner will search the entire site for any keyword you plug in. You can find everything that exists on this site about one CRM just by doing one quick search.