My Favorite Real Estate CRMs

I will be expanding this section in the near future, but only by two or three. Back in 1999 when I started this site, I had over 30 Real Estate specific CRMs. There were actually over 40 on the market. I have since pared that way down. What I have now is the best of the best. These CRMs all have similar core features but then they go their separate ways. The best Real Estate CRM for a single agent with little aptitude for tech can be very different from what is best for a team full of techies. And some want only the ability to track their people, while some want to run their business with it. This is a selection of a variety of types for a variety of needs. They are my favorites for their overall combination of features, intuitiveness, ease of use, support, and the companies’ likelihood of long term stability. Below is the short description. Click on Full Details for a complete review. The list is in alphabetical order.

Gary's Favorite CRMs

For most of the CRMs on this site I have negotiated some kind of special offer. It could be the price itself, an extended trial period, or free inclusion of my Trans-Plans Emails (not the plans themselves).CRM Discounts

For the few with no discounts or benefits, it is because that CRM will not extend any discounts or special terms for anyone. So the bottom line is that there is nowhere else you can get a better price or terms on any Real Estate CRM that is on this site. As a matter of fact, in the majority of cases it’s better here than anywhere else. Guaranteed!

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IXACT Contact – I started working with this group before they opened their doors, as a consultant. They are on my client list still today. Many years ago I was approached by Alan Goldstein, who wanted to build a CRM. We discussed what he had come up with so far and he sent me a picture of a paper mockup, then I didn’t hear from him for a couple years. Then came IXACT Contact! Since then I’ve worked with the owner, the CTO, and have had an ongoing relationship with the VP of Sales and Marketing. IXACT Contact is a top flight organization filled with good people who are a pleasure to work with.

I relatively rarely recommend a newer Real Estate CRM because it takes a while to get to the point where they are financially viable so you don’t know if they will survive. That said, I started recommending IXACT Contact very quickly. That was many years ago and I never regretted it.IXACT Contact already had a well established real estate related company to shore them up.  As it turned out, they didn’t need it. They started in 2008, got into the black quickly and are one of the top sellers in the industry today. I would classify them as one of the most solid CRMs on the market.

IXACT Contact is pronounced  iggs-act contact.

Realvolve – If you like cutting edge – this is it. The look, the feel, the workflows, the rFactor, propinquity and analytics to suggest follow-ups and more. This is one very impressive piece of software. We’ve been gathering all this data on our contacts/clients for years. It has served us well in target marketing and follow-up but might there be other uses? Realvolve proves there are! You have a recorded history of emails, notes, appointments, demographics and transactions associated with the people in your database. Realvolve uses all this information to give you valuable insights into not just each single contact but your entire database. I am here to tell you that this concept is nothing short of revolutionary in the real estate CRM industry.” says Gary David Hall, industry leader in CRM software.

Wise Agent – Clearly one of the top Real Estate CRMs in the industry, and one of my top favorites. If you haven’t seen it in a while, they did an interface makeover not too long ago that really makes all the difference. Besides always hearing very positive feedback on their tech support, one of the things I like most about it is their always expanding selection of partners which they use to expand the features of their product. Most recently they added BombBomb, which joined others such as Contactually, MailChimp, Rapportive, Docusign and many others. If you’re looking at Top Producer or IXACT Contact, you should probably also look at this one.