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Following is a list of Real Estate CRM Software Reviews/Ratings to help agents and brokers decide which one is best for them. They are referred to by many names. Real Estate Contact Management, Real Estate Customer Relationship Management, Client Management, Contact Management, Contact Managers, Real Estate Sales Tracking, CMS, CMR, Sales Management, Marketing Management or Database Managers. Call them what you will, they are tools to help you follow up with contacts, market to your database, manage transactions, reduce your stress, make you a better Realtor®, and provide better service to your clients. 

This list of CRM Software reviews/ratings is not all of the Real Estate CRMs out there. Over the years there have been over 70 of them and I used to have most of them on my site. That is no longer the case because I will not recommend some of them for many different reasons. The primary one is complaints of lack of communication and support. It doesn’t matter how good a product is if you can’t get anyone to support it. For this iteration of my site I have decided not to include some of the ones I had for various reasons. Mostly because they justifiably never garnered any interest from anyone I ever spoke with. The others that are not here are brand new. Those are the developers with whom I am having ongoing conversations to add them here. Enjoy!


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AddressTwo is primarily a generic Real Estate CRM/Contact Manager/Client Manager with a little bit of functionality added for use by real estate agents. It’s one of my favorites for its relative simplicity and only one of two here that are not really Real Estate specific. It has all the common features that are core to all Real Estate CRMs such as the ability to track names and addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, web site addresses, notes, categorization, etc. But the Professional edition goes well beyond that and includes email storage with contact records.

The terminology for the field labels and the general flow are not what you would expect in a Real Estate CRM, but that’s not what it is so it should be no surprise. That said, it is laid out well with lots of handy little icons all over the place to enable you to quickly get around. It really does have a lot of features that you might not expect at first glance, as you can see on the Full Details page.

Useful for: Real Estate CRM, Residential, Agents, Teams,Features-♦♦

Advantage Xi is the only really good desktop (not in the cloud) application left to my knowledge. It is the brainchild of a man by the name of Mark Stepp who just launched a web based CRM called Realvolve. I used Advantage Xi for about seven years. I am a big admirer of Mark Stepp and it’s exciting to see him bring his talents to the web. That said, Advantage Xi’s days are probably numbered. It may well be many years before it goes away. Of course the opposite could be true as well.

That said, it’s one helluva good desktop CRM.

Useful for: Real Estate CRM, Residential, Agents, Features-♦♦♦♦

Agentdesks – If you like the idea of doing most of your Real Estate CRM work on your mobile device this one should interest you. 80% of the time people use Agentdesks is on the mobile version. Gotta be a reason for that! See comments on mobile version below. Another conceptual aspect of this one is that they see a time when all their users form a community to share referrals from within Agentdesks itself. See that below as well. Another cool tool they have is a chat widget for your web site. They provide the code for your site that creates a Chat Box on your site that alerts you in the Real Estate CRM. Guess where you can find out more? See below. Agentdesks has half their user base in countries other than North America so some of the terminology used is a little different than you may be used to. Buy hey it’s only words. When we spoke I suggested some terminology changes for some of the fields and they agreed and plan to make them. It shows their willingness to listen which is a great trait for a Real Estate CRM vendor.

Agent Office – You can get Agent Office at their site but as much as I hate to say it, I no longer recommend or sell it.

All Clients is definitely one of the more basic Real Estate CRM products that I have. The desktop is as simple as it gets to the degree that some will think it does not have enough. But that’s why I have many different kinds. This could be your chocolate to someone else’s vanilla!

Useful for: Real Estate CRM, Residential, Agents, Teams, Features-♦♦

Contactually is the only generic (vs real estate specific) CRM I have because in general I think agents should run their business with their Real Estate CRM and you can’t do that with Contactually. It is strictly for contact management and follow-up. You can’t track properties, do transaction management, do long term comprehensive follow-up campaigns, complicated searches, etc. That said, if all you want is pure contact management so that you don’t lose touch with your past clients and sphere of influence, this one is really the best I’ve seen. That’s why it’s here! If it sounds interesting – take a look at Full Details.

Useful for: CRM, Generic, Agents, Teams, Features-♦♦


eEdge Real Estate CRM

Market Leader

market leader logo

eEdge/Market Leader – is a lead generation solution, not a Real Estate CRM. I get a at least one call each week from Keller Williams agents who have tried eEdge and want a better Real Estate CRM. There is a good reason for this. It is my opinion, as well as scores of Keller Williams agents’ opinions, that it is a lead generation and follow-up solution but does not include a good Real Estate CRM. I did some research for a client some months ago on eEdge/Market Leader as well as Trulia, Zillow,, Boom Town, Tiger Leads and other lead generation solutions. They all had one thing in common. None of them had a Real Estate CRM built into it.

It’s interesting because so many agents that call don’t really understand what a decent Real Estate CRM can do for them. All they know is that eEdge is not cutting it for them. So if you want a CRM, you probably want to look at Real Estate CRMs rather than lead generation solutions. I do not yet offer lead generation solutions so you will not find it here, yet.

IXACT Contact

5 Street Logo

5 Street – is a lead aggregation and distribution solution. It allows you to have all of your leads feed into one place to then be distributed to team members. It is not a Real Estate CRM. If what you want is to organize your leads coming in and be able to follow up to a degree then this is defintely worth looking at.

Useful for: Lead Aggregation

IXACT Contact started out as a simpler alternative to Top Producer and I called it Top Producer Lite. It’s no secret that some agents think Top Producer has too many features and walk away feeling intimidated. Most of the time it is because they don’t really understand what real estate CRMs have to offer and they want very little. But some times, like Goldilocks, they want more than just a little but less than Top Producer. For those agents IXACT Contact can be just right.

Useful for: Real Estate CRM, Residential, Agents, Teams, Features-♦♦♦

Leading Agent

Leading Agent

Leading Agent started out years ago focused on lead generation and marketing. At some point they decided they needed a Real Estate CRM to complete a great series of products so they added it. It’s based in Salesforce as are a number of Real Estate CRMs made for real estate agents. But this is the only one that ties powerful and time tested lead generation and marketing into it. But you can just get the CRM. Totally customizable so you can tailor it to your needs if you specialize in something other than traditional residential resale. I switched to it for that reason but be aware – it is not for the faint hearted. If you are contemplating having someone build one for you, this may be the one you want instead. Also, if this one is intriguing and you have four agents or more, you may also want to look at Propertybase.

Useful for: Real Estate CRM, Residential, Agents, Teams, Brokerages, Features-♦♦♦♦, Customizable

LockedOn – This one is strictly for agents down under because much of the terminology is unique to Australia and North American agents would not find it comfortable for them. The process is pretty much the same but the terminology is all different. The first step in getting a listing is getting an appraisalwhich we would call doing a CMA. Customers are called vendors. There are always attorneys involved which are referred to as solicitors. I’m not saying that a North American agents could not use it. I’m just saying that others are just better suited to our needs.

Useful for: Real Estate CRM, Residential, Agents, Teams, Brokerages, Features-♦♦

Masterdigm Wow! Just got off the phone with William Jimenez, owner of Masterdigm. They are doing some things no one else is doing and they’re setting the pace for the competition in several regards. Masterdigm’s philosophy is unique and I believe it will become a trend in the industry. They feel that since most agents do not want to be very involved with mastering a CRM, they shouldn’t have to.  They provide an interface for a VA right in the CRM. You can click a button and assign tasks to a VA (Virtual Assistant) who knows how to use Masterdigm because they have been trained to do just that. $12-15/hr. for a VA you can use as often or as little as you like. But it doesn’t end there. They also have your MLS integrated right into the CRM, a built in email client, and…

Useful for: Real Estate CRM, Residential, Agents, Teams, Brokerages, Features-♦♦♦♦

MoreSolds You want a pretty darn good CRM with great bang for the buck and you don’t want to spend more for a CRM that does more. And that’s the paid version. There is a free version but it is limited to 1,000 contacts but the paid version is only $14/mo. Moresolds is pretty darn good for free and well worth the money at $14/mo. Moresolds is not going to win best CRM of the year and it doesn’t compare to the more expensive ones but for the money it will probably satisfy a good many agents. This is the only one I have that has no phone support but hey, it costs a lot of money to provide phone support so you get what you pay for.

Useful for: Real Estate CRM, Residential, Agents, Teams, Brokerages, Features-♦♦♦

Propertybase – Who should be interested in this one? If you’ve tried, really tried the best of the others and find that there are just too many things missing, maybe you should look at this one. If you are considering hiring someone to build one for you, first of all – don’t do it. More on that advice in this post. A better idea would be to use this or Leading Agent as a start; modify it to suit your needs yourself or if need be you can hire one of any large number of people to modify it for you. You then have the best of both worlds. Propertybase and Leading Agent will be staying up with the trends in the industry for you but what you don’t get from that, you can do yourself or have it done.  The end result is a customized real estate CRM that will be around forever and always with the ability to make it do whatever you want without having the downsides of having one built. If you don’t think there are downsides to having one built please read the post referred to above.

Useful for: Real Estate CRM, Residential, Agents, Teams, Brokerages, Features-♦♦♦♦, Customizable

Prospect Converter – This does everything most agents want but it’s forte is lead population, distribution and analysis. For that it gets my Best in Class rating. If your primary pain revolves around lead distribution and follow-up for your team or brokerage, this is one you want to look at. It also offers brokers the option to have agents in the CRM only for the lead generation and follow-up to reduce costs for agents who do not want the CRM.

Useful for: Real Estate CRM, Residential, Agents, Teams, Brokerages, Features-♦♦♦♦

Realvolve  Clean! Just really crisp and clean and such an efficient layout. I’m sorry but I’m going to have to gush about this one. The whole flow is just different than any other CRM I’ve seen and it’s really efficient. And yes in this case different is a good thing. When you first look at Realvolve, it seems like there is not enough there. Like things are missing. But not only is it not missing anything,  it’s got some goodies no one else has. All this and it’s intuitive and easy to learn and use!

Useful for: Real Estate CRM, Residential, Agents, Teams, Brokerages, Features-♦♦♦

Referral Maker  You can tell from the start that Referral Maker is different. They don’t call them contacts. They call them relationships. Referral Maker is all about knowing your contacts inside and out and working them to increase referrals. Or you can just hope for new business all the time, something Buffini refers to as Transactional. Which one is more desirable?  It goes well beyond categorizing people as buyers, sellers, prospects, suspects, past clients, etc. You rate their propensity to refer you. You can record their hobbies, favorite restaurants, sports teams and many other data points that enable you to do much more personalized marketing than just sending out another email drip campaign.

Useful for: Real Estate CRM, Residential, Agents, Teams, Features – ♦♦

Top Producer The 800 pound gorilla! Since 1989 Top Producer has been the market share leader for Real Estate CRM. It has been much maligned over the years and more often than not it was unjustified. That is not to say that they have not had issues, but it is now arguably the most feature rich overall solution available. The Sales Pipeline keeps you on top of your prospects – in your face. The Follow-up Coach is like an accountability partner to remind you to call your past clients and sphere of influence – in your face. The Things to Talk About button displays active listings or recent solds around the contacts physical address on an interactive map. The mobile user interface is without equal in the industry. If you want to truly grow your business, this one has to be on your short list. If you want a glorified Rolodex – don’t bother. You’ll become one of the people complaining “It’s too much”. Concerned about what you read about Top Producer online? Read “What’s with all the negative PR about Top Producer?”

Useful for: Real Estate CRM, Residential, Agents, Teams, Features-♦♦♦♦

Tribus One of the primary reasons I like Tribus is its extreme customizability. If you focus on a niche market like REO’s, Short Sales, Foreclosures, etc., you can mold this to your needs. It’s like SalesForce or Propertybase in that respect, but at a lower price, and created from the start for use in real estate.

Useful for: Real Estate CRM, Residential, Agents, Teams, Brokerages, Customizable, Features-♦♦♦♦

WiseAgent is clearly one of the fan favorite Real Estate CRMs in the industry, and one of my top favorites. If you haven’t seen it in a while, they did an interface makeover not too long ago that really makes all the difference. Besides always hearing very positive feedback on their tech support, one of the things I like most about it is their always expanding selection of partners which they use to expand the features of their product. Most recently they added Contactually, which joined others such as MailChimp, Rapportive, Docusign and many others. If you’re looking at Top Producer or IXACT Contact, you should probably also look at this one.

Useful for: Real Estate CRM, Residential, Agents, Teams, Features-♦♦♦