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AddressTwo has all the common features that are core to all CRMs such as the ability to track names and addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, web site addresses, etc., but the Professional edition goes well beyond that and includes email storage with contact records.

The terminology for the field labels and the general flow are not what you would expect in a real estate CRM, but that’s not what it is, so it should be no surprise. That said, it is laid out well with lots of handy little icons all over the place to enable you to quickly get around. It really does have a lot of features that you might not expect at first glance, as you can see below.

AddressTwo Vital Statistics:

–Understand these terms–

Out of beta & started selling: 2008

Company name: Carter and Company. LLC, Part of

What kind of sales is this for?: Residential, Agents, Teams, Customizable

Features: ♦♦

Support: 8:00 – 5:00 EST by phone and email

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Dashboard/Desktop/Home Page

AddressTwo is a fairly basic looking dashboard but it’s pretty darn functional. I’ve personally grown to like a list of appointments as opposed to an actual calendar view although the calendar view is also available. There is also a button that leads directly to the Google calendar. Additionally, I like that Recent Website Leads is right in your face on the dashboard. You also have your current tasks and projects.  And then there’s Addy (pictured in the image below)Addy takes a number of the functions within AddressTwo and kind of personifies them. Addy is the one who brings in your new leads, stores your email and reminds you about different things.

AddressTwo Dashboard


Unique or Notable Features

Phone/Tablet – As all of the good CRMs are now doing, AddressTwo has a different User Interface specifically designed for use on your phone vs on your desktop. You don’t have to be tied down to your desk to stay organized! This is one of the more basic UI’s out there, but it’s still much better than what historically has been access only to your address book and calendar.

AddressTwo mobile 1

AddressTwo mobile 2

AddressTwo mobile 3

AddressTwo mobile 4

Social Media – Linked to LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.

AddressTwo Social Media

Team CapabilitiesAddressTwo has one of the better set ups for permissions for users. Five permission levels go from being able to see everything to production which can only see those projects in which the person is involved.

AddressTwo Team Heirarchy

Real Estate Plug-in – Following are screen shots of what is added when you get the AddressTwo real estate plug-in. It’s very basic information but it may satisfy your needs. Also note that you can search for buyers with the info you put in.

Search/Browse window with real estate plug-in


AddressTwo real estate plug-in


Custom Fields – A rare feature for such a relatively basic CRM is the very handy ability to add custom fields. If you do primarily residential resales but dabble in a few other things here and there, you could add the fields you need to accommodate that business.

AddressTwo custom fields

AddressTwo custom fields - 2

AddressTwo custom fields - 3

How does AddressTwo stack up with other popular features?

Phone/tablet: Covered in Unique or Notable Features above

Lead capture: Although AddressTwo is not specific to real estate, they do provide the ability to automatically add leads by using a contact form which can be generated from within the CRM. Note that because it is not a real estate CRM, the contact form contains no fields specific to real estate. There is a point at which you can modify the field labels so there is some flexibility there.

New lead display: Right on the dashboard where it should be!

Lead notification: You do have the ability to be automatically notified from AddressTwo by email when a new lead completes the contact form.

Team capabilities: Covered in Unique or Notable Features above

Buyer home search: There are minimal number of fields for buyer preferences but it does have the capabilities to both store and search on them.

Internal email software: No

E-mail stored with contact record: Another feature that is included for such a low cost.

Blast email: Yes

Email campaign reporting: Internal

Capable of building email drip campaigns: Yes

Capable of building activity plans: Yes

Included template content: No

Included template content: None. They have the ability for you to create email templates but you have to create them yourself as this is not specific to real estate.

Social media: Covered in Unique or Notable Features above

Call center: No

Lockbox manager: No

If you’re on the fence about it, don’t be bashful. I’ll be happy to do a live online screen sharing demo to show you some of the great features of this CRM.

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CRM History

AddressTwo History

AddressTwo is the success story of a man by the name of Nick Carter who identified a need for a simple CRM and ran with it. It worked so well it prompted him to write a book about building a start-up without outside funding. That was in 2008 and AddressTwo has been growing ever since. Although AddressTwo was created for use by anyone, as opposed to specifically for real estate agents, it’s real estate version does have a few things added for agents.

They don’t market this version but I go back a long way with AddressTwo so I  am aware of it. That said, they have a new version coming soon and it may or may not include the real estate modules. Unless that’s a key issue for you, it will be even better.

Do a screen sharing session with me and see this product or any others in which you may be interested.

14 day free trial with no credit card required

Address Two’s pricing ranges from Basic at $9.95/mo. to Professional for $34.95/mo. to the Campaign Manager edition which has “Powerful marketing with template wizards, email click-through & view reporting, autoresponders, opt-out management, and more.”

This is a direct link to their site to a page created for me. No promo code is necessary to ensure any special deals provided here.

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