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If you like the idea of doing most of your CRM work on your mobile device Agentdesks should interest you. 80% of the time people use Agentdesks is on the mobile version. Gotta be a reason for that! See comments on mobile version below. Another conceptual aspect of this one is that they see a time when all their users form a community to share referrals from within Agentdesks itself. See that below as well. Another cool tool they have is a chat widget for your web site. They provide the code for your site that creates a Chat Box on your site that alerts you in the CRM. Guess where you can find out more? See below. Agentdesks has half their user base in countries other than North America so some of the terminology used is a little different than you may be used to. Buy hey it’s only words. When we spoke I suggested some terminology changes for some of the fields and they have already made them. It shows their willingness to listen which is a great trait for a CRM vendor.

It’s my obligation to mention the following. Agentdesks is another brand new CRM. Virtually all new CRMs have issues and or shortcomings for two to three years. You also have to wonder whether they will survive the competition for the long haul. That said, sometimes these things are worth taking a flyer on because they have the features that you want and can not find elsewhere. And there was a time when you were a new agent…

Update – 5/13/2015: They’re adding users at a pretty good clip! That’s a very good indication towards stability.

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Agentdesks Vital Statistics:

–Understand these terms–

Out of beta & started selling: 2015

Parent company: Agentdesks

What kind of sales is this for?: agent, team, residential, rentals

Features: ♦♦♦

Support: 24/7 in app messaging and by email –

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Dashboard/Desktop/Home Page

Agentdesks has a nice new clean look typical of the styles coming out more recently in Real Estate CRMs.

They also have apps for Android and iPhone that are currently free. The desktop version is not.

You can get the iPhone App by clicking here.

You can get the Android app by clicking here.

AgentDesks Desktop


Unique or Notable Features

Mobile Interface – Here’s an interesting twist. According to Agentdesks, 80% of the time spent in it is on the mobile version! The usage statistics show that the majority of Agentdesks users only use the desktop version for an hour or so each day at the beginning or end of the day. The rest of the time they are using the mobile version on their phone. That’s just fine by Agentdesks because that’s what they’re shooting for.

AgentDesks Android - Menu

AgentDesks Android - Client

AgentDesks Android - Client

AgentDesks iPhone - client

Live Chat WidgetBest in Class – Very cool idea that is unique in the industry. Agentdesks provides you with the source code necessary to provide a Live Chat box on your web site. If someone uses it, you can respond from within Agenttdesks and have a record of all your interactions.

agentdesks chat widget

agentdesks chat log

Buyer Requirements/PreferencesBest on Class! This is a great little idea.  When you add a buyer prospect it asks you if you want to send a questionnaire to the prospect to ask them their preferences. They then receive an email which asks them to share their preferences by clicking on a link to take them to the form. These preferences then become available to the system. This allows you to search your database for matching listings. That’s been done but not often. The next step is unique though. See below for the next step.

agentdesks buyer email

agentdesks buyer preferences email

agentdesks buyer preferences

Agent Referral Network – I’ve seen this once or twice before and it’s a good concept if there are enough users. That does tend to be the big if though. That said, they have a few elements that comprise this feature.

  • Buyer’s/Renter’s requirements are entered manually or by them completing the requirements form (see that feature)
  • Other agents using Agentdesks can be invited to participate
  • You can run a search of your own database to see if any of your buyers match any of your properties.

So what happens is that any time yo have a property in your database, other agents can match their buyers to your properties, or vice versa. Many MLS’ have this same capabillity but remember that half of the users of this CRM are not in North America and have no MLS so this is just what is needed.

Agentdesks referrals 1

Agentdesks referrals 3

Agentdesks referrals 4

Gmail Email Integration – Best in Class! This is unique in the industry and may well end  up being offered by many. Every other CRM that integrates with Gmail essentially does one thing. It stores emails with the contact record. Agentdesks takes it a huge step further. It actually integrates Gmails inbox into the inbox in Agentdesks! So you can send and receive email using Gmail from within AgentdesksThat saves time!

agentdesks gmail integration 2

agentdesks gmail integration 2

Rentals – If you’re a real estate agent and you’re not in North America, you probably do plenty of rentals as well as sales. It’s very common in Europe. So because Agentdesks has such a large percentage of users overseas, it only makes sense to have a Rental section. This also ties in with the user base agent network so other agents can be made aware of your new rental as soon as put it in Agentdesks.

agentdesks rental page

agentdesks rental page 2

How does Agentdesks stack up with other popular features?

Phone/Tablet – Synchs to address book and calendar on phones

Lead Capture – With web form, API and email parsing

New Lead Display – Displayed as new contacts in the contact screen and there is a notification icon on every screen

Lead Notification – By email, phone, and in-app notification

Team Capabilities – Contacts, listings and sales can be seen by all or only by the owners of them.

Buyer Home Search – Capable of storing buyer requirements and searching them.

Internal email software: No, but see next item.

E-mail stored with contact record – Integrates with Gmail internally. You can send and receive email using Gmail from within Agentdesks.

Blast Email – No

Email campaign reporting: No

Capable of building email drip campaigns: No

Capable of building activity plans: No

Included Template Content – No

Social Media – No. They have a separate app for Open House that integrates with Facebook and Twitter.

Call Center – No

Lockbox Manager – No

If you’re on the fence about it, don’t be bashful. I’ll be happy to do a live online screen sharing demo to show you some of the great features of this CRM.  Gary David Hall

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CRM History

Agentdesks History

From AgentdesksAgentdesks was founded by Biju Ashokan and launched in 2015.  Agentdesks is a collaborative CRM specifically made for real estate agents, empowering them to do better at sales.  In today’s world, where the legacy CRMs and systems are slowly diminishing in user base, Agentdesks has a fresh new age look, features and a new approach.
Prior to Agentdesks, Biju used to run a brokerage firm himself and found it very difficult to identify a good CRM system that was simple to use and was real estate specific.  The options he found were too complicated so his team of agents did not use it regularly.  During the five years of running his brokerage firm, he sold over 500 properties and managed a team of over 50 agents. This led to the birth of Agentdesks, which is a complete agent friendly application which launches five new features every month.

Do a screen sharing session with me and see this product or any others in which you may be interested.

They offer a 30 day free trial. You get 60 days when you use Promo Code – ADPC30D. The price is $15/mo. for one agent for the Agent Package. Teams would get the Enterprise package starting at $30/mo. for 1 – 2 agents, and the pricing is them scaled to how many agents will be using it. The Enterprise Package also includes:

  • Sales Person Tracking
  • Assign Clients
  • Shared Properties List
  • Property Check in
  • All the features from Agent plan

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