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bpm’online has a very nice clean look to it and it’s laid out very efficiently. It’s one vertical of a CRM that they have customized for many different kinds of sales and this one is specifically for real estate. Although individual agents can certainly use this, it’s very powerful for large teams and brokerages. It has the kind of reporting you need as a broker to evaluate the performance of your team. If you are considering Salesforce based CRMs such as Propertybase or Leading Agent, or another customizable CRM – Tribus, this should be on your short list as well. It is very customizable so you can have it work the way you need it to.

IDX Feed – take a look with someone along with the whole process

Email overview


Google interaction

Blast email – campaign reporting

Incoming leads? Notification? Email parsing?

What am I not seeing by just clicking on the menu items at the left? What’s special?

bpm’online Vital Statistics:

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Out of beta & started selling:

Company name: bpm‘online

What kind of sales is this for?: Residential, Commercial, Property Management, Agents, Teams, Brokerages, Customizable

Features: ♦♦♦♦


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Dashboard/Desktop/Home Page

Below you see several versions of the dashboard. The first one displays both the Icons and the Text on the left. The second was is without the text. The third is the Broker dashboard showing statistics.

BPM'online Desktop-text

BPM'online Desktop-no text

bpm'online broker dashboard


Unique or  Notable Features

Phone/Tablet –

Feed – This feature exits in only a few of the most powerful Real Estate CRMs. Communications between members is a source of much wasted time and redundant effort. This feed is similar to having a Facebook page integrated into the CRM and it makes ongoing conversations about contacts or transactions far easier and more efficient.

BMOnline Feed

Screen Shots –  Following are a number of screen shots to give you a good feel for what bpm’online looks like.

bpm'online contact

bpm'online contact 2

bpm'online accounts 2

bpm'online accounts 2

bpm'online activities 2

bpm'online properties

bpm'online properties 2

bpm'online listings

bpm'online listings 2

bpm'online requests

bpm'online requests 2

bpm'online opportunities

bpm'online opportunities 2

bpm'online documents

bpm'online documents 2

bpm'online documents

bpm'online documents

BPMOnline Knowledge base 2

BPMOnline Knowledge base

How does bpm’online stack up with other popular features?

Phone/Tablet: Covered in Unique and Notable Features

Lead Capture:

New Lead Display:

Lead Notification: 

Team Capabilities:

Buyer Home Search:

Internal email software:

Email stored with contact record:

Blast Email: Covered in Unique and Notable Features

Email campaign reporting: Covered in Unique and Notable Features

Capable of building email drip campaigns:

Capable of building activity plans:

Included Template Content: 

Social Media:

Call Center:

Lockbox Manager:

If you’re on the fence about it, don’t be bashful. I’ll be happy to do a live online screen sharing demo to show you some of the great features of this CRM.  – Gary David Hall

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