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You want a pretty darn good CRM with great bang for the buck and you don’t want to spend more for a CRM that does more. And that’s the paid version. There is a free version but it is limited to 1,000 contacts but the paid version is only $14/mo. This is pretty darn good for free and well worth the money at $14/mo. Moresolds is not going to win best CRM of the year and it doesn’t compare to the more expensive ones but for the money it will probably satisfy a good many agents. This is one of the few on the market that has no phone support but hey, it costs a lot of money to provide phone support so you get what you pay for.

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MoreSolds Vital Statistics:

–Understand these terms–

Out of beta & started selling: 2008

Parent company: MoreSolds

What kind of sales is this for?: Residential, Agent, Team, Brokerage

Overall features rating: ♦♦♦

Support: Email only. No phone support.

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3.64 / 5 (25 votes)


Dashboard/Desktop/Home Page

Moresolds is just a pretty good looking CRM overall and the desktop is no exception. It has pretty much everything you would expect and it does have a Recently Viewed items list which I have come to appreciate very much in CRMs. Find contacts, check your calendar, it even has your property showings on the home page.

Moresolds Home Page 1

MoreSolds Home Page 2


Unique or Notable Features


Not every CRM has one and some are better than others but MoreSolds has one!

MoreSolds Newsletter 1

MoreSolds Newsletter 2

MoreSolds Newsletter 3


This is another feature that most CRMs do not have. MoreSolds does a nice job here.

MoreSolds Showings

MoreSolds Showings 2

MoreSolds Showings 3

How does MoreSolds stack up with other popular features?

Phone/tablet: Not yet – but it’s coming!

Lead capture: Moresolds provides a web capture form but not email parsing as most CRMs now do.

New lead display: In the tab for  Leads at the top of the screen

Lead notification: By email

Team capabilities: Yes. Basic user, Power user, full access user

Buyer home search: No

Internal email software: No

E-mail stored with contact record: No

Blast email: Unsubscribes display on the contact screen

Email campaign reporting: No

Capable of building email drip campaigns: Yes

Capable of building activity plans: Yes

Included template content: Yes

Social media: No

Call center: No

Lockbox manager: Yes

If you’re on the fence about it, don’t be bashful. I’ll be happy to do a live online screen sharing demo to show you some of the great features of this CRM. – Gary David Hall

CRM Comparisons

CRM History

Moresolds History

I affiliated with Knolly Williams and Moresolds in July 2008. It was pretty bare bones then but it’s been coming along bit by bit ever since. Knolly is active in sales and uses it for his own CRM.

Do a screen sharing session with me and see this product or any others in which you may be interested.

There is no free trial per se because the limited version of the CRM is free! No credit card and no contract.

The free version limits you to 1,000 contacts. The paid version is $14/mo. per person and includes:

  • Unlimited contacts
  • Online Document Storage
  • Monthly eNewsletter ($4.95 value)
  • Showing Feedback ($4.95 value)
  • Email Campaigns ($4.95 value)

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