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Agents looking for this kind of program are typically ones who have tried all the major real estate specific CRMs and found them lacking in the ability to make them their own. Another big reason is that the vast majority of the residential real estate specific CRMs are lacking if the agent is doing more than just plain vanilla residential resale. The fields that are desirable for other kinds of business such as property management, an occasional commercial deal, new construction, foreclosures, REOs, short sales and the like are just not there and can not be added. In this  you can do whatever your little heart desires. So if you are just doing primarily plain residential resales but want to be able to add a few fields here and there that are not available in the others, or you have a specialty that requires other fields, this one is worth a look.

It has all the core features any good CRM has such as tracking contact’s phone numbers, email addresses, categorizing them, notes, etc. Additionally it has a very robust transaction management section that enables you to do listing and closing checklists with a twist the others don’t have. As tasks are accomplished, choices come up that make the process more flexible and relevant to what is actually going on with that specific transaction. Plan Plus Online is also extremely well suited to teams with respect to lead capture, distribution, and follow-up to see what the team members are doing with those valuable leads.

Vital Statistics

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Out of Beta & Started Selling: 2007

Company Name: Complete XRM

What kind of sales is this for?: Residential, Agents, Teams, Customizable

Features: ♦♦♦

Support: 9:00 – 7:30 EST  By email or phone

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Dashboard/Desktop/Home Page

Probably the most notable thing about Plan Plus Online is the way the task list is presented. Users often comment on how handy the ability to prioritize the tasks is. The list is interactive so you can change the priorities on the fly and leave less time sensitive tasks unprioritized so they appear at the bottom. Icons associated with the task also denote whether it is in progress, a financial opportunity, linked to another record, or a project task.

It is also notable that they have some pretty cool little buttons here and there. Some examples being that you are able you to expand the calendar or task list a full page as well as Printable View buttons.

Plan Plus Online Desktop
Plan Plus Online Desktop


Unique or Notable Features

Mobile Interface – As all of the good CRMs are now doing, there is an interface (a way to view it that is different from the desktop view – easier to see and use) designed for your phone. You don’t have to be tied down to your desk to do your job! I would have to rate this one as third below Top Producer and Leading Agent/Salesforce and that’s pretty high praise because the other two are very strong. I give it a strong grade because it allows you to do a lot from the phone instead of just address book and calendar like many others do.

PlanPlusOnline Mobile UI-Calendar

PlanPlusOnline Mobile Menu

Social Media – Not the strongest on social media. They do have a link on the contact page that enables a connection to LinkedIn. When connected, you have a quick link to go to the contact’s LinkedIn page.

LinkedIn connection on bottom left
LinkedIn connection on bottom left

Business Process Getting, nurturing and closing leads is a process. At each step there is a decision to be made. All the other CRMs just enable you to add the lead and then you create the steps as you go, which is OK. But Plan Plus Online helps you along the process with this section and it typifies what is different about this CRM.

Business Process

Project Management – Another relatively unique feature in Plan Plus Online is the ability to manage projects in an organized fashion using the Project Manager. This would really come in handy for those different situations such as new construction or commercial deals as well as short sales or foreclosures where you need to take a different approach than a typical residential resale.

Project detail

Contact image on page – This is really no great big deal but I thought it was worth mentioning because some people really want it. I guess given that screen real estate is precious, many CRMs do not offer you the option to display the contact’s image on the primary contact screen. Plan Plus Online does so I thought I would let those of you who care, know.

Plan Plus Online Contact Image

How does it stack up with other popular features?

Phone/tablet: Covered in Unique or Notable Features above

Lead Capture – They have every method covered. They provide a web form generation utility within the CRM including email parsing to capture leads and an open API for vendors to provide leads. They also have an existing relationship with Zillow,, Tiger, Hotpads, Voicepad/Signcall, Voicepad/idx, and Boomtown. You should be able to auto-populate virtually any kind of lead from any source.

New Lead Display – There is a tab at the top of the page called Leads which takes you to a page with all your leads on it.

Lead Notification – You do have the ability to be automatically notified by email from Plan Plus Online when a new lead comes in.

Team Capabilities – PlanPlusOnline is as strong as any of them when it comes to team hierarchy features. Probably second only to Leading Agent/Salesforce. The administrator can see all data from all users; has the options to allow/disallow team members to see all other user’s data; or to see only their own contacts; can restrict to see only the user’s listings and closings; can be restricted from exporting data; and can be restricted from editing data. When a note is made in a contact record, the user who made the comment is displayed, Can enable different features for different users.

Buyer Home Search – The short answer is that they do not have pre-designated fields to store buyer preferences. The complete answer is that this is when being able to customize your fields and screens comes in very handy. You can add whatever fields you want to store that information and the fields you create are searchable. So what it comes down to is that if this CRM fills most of your needs except that one, you can still make it work for you.

Internal email software: No

E-mail stored with contact record: Plan Plus Online is one of the rare few that has it’s own email client(software) built into the CRM. The primary advantages are that you never have to go outside your CRM to work on your email. This also means that all your emails are stored as actionable emails right with the contact record OR, and this is a big one, with the transaction record. Very few CRMs allow you to store the emails with the transaction record.

Blast Email: Effectively no limit on blast emails unless you consider 10-20K at a time a limit. That said, as with any email host that allows blast emails you can not be irresponsible. Also bear in mind that as with any blast email, you will be using your own domain name so if you destroy your email reputation and start getting blocked it will be your domain that gets blocked. Again as with any responsible email host you can not take a database that you have had for 10 years and never sent blast emails to and just start emailing them. You have to take steps to qualify the list first, a little at a time.

Email campaign reporting: Unlike most of the other CRMs, they have campaign reporting/back end, meaning you can see who opened what, what they clicked on and if they unsubscribed it is reflected in the contact record and removed.

Capable of building email drip campaigns: Yes

Capable of building activity plans: Yes

Included Template Content: Like many of the more sophisticated CRMs for which Real Estate is only a vertical market, Plan Plus Online does not have any pre-written email, letter, or activity plan content. The ability to create, store and use the ones you do create is very good.

Social media: No

Call center: No

Lockbox manager: No

If you’re on the fence about it, don’t be bashful. I’ll be happy to do a live online screen sharing demo to show you some of the great features of this CRM. 

CRM Comparisons

CRM History

Plan Plus Online History

I started working with Plan Plus Online quite a few years ago but their focus was more on making it a generic CRM and the real estate aspect of it was just OK. I also was not ready to recommend it very heavily because they were pretty new and it seemed like they could have been struggling. Now they have shored up a good user base with the generic version and other verticals and they’re back to making a stronger push in the real estate vertical. They’ve devoted more personnel to it and I feel more comfortable recommending it. Definitely worth a look, especially if you’re intimidated by the SalesForce based ones. It may be enough but not too much.

SalesForce has been adopted as the base platform for several CRMs which have molded them for use by real estate agents. The primary advantage to this is that they are extremely customizable. Plan Plus Online was created from scratch for Franklin Covey and it’s one of only two that are not based in SalesForce that are also very customizable. While it is not as powerful as the SalesForce based ones, it is probably as much as almost any agent could want with respect to customizability. The difference is that it is easier to learn to customize but almost as flexible.

Plan Plus Online’s tag line is Technology with Methodology and with good reason. Franklin Covey started in 1997 and their thrust is not just goal setting with well structured and relational organized follow-up, but includes striking a balance in your life as well. This is the core around which Plan Plus Online flows.

So the bottom line is this; I continue to revisit CRMs that were just OK to see if they are improving and more worth recommending than they used to be. Have they made much progress since the last time I looked at them? Has their staffing increased to the degree that their service is significantly improved? I speak with the owners and developers so I can also get a good sense of their attitude, goals and direction. The time I spent with Plan Plus Online was  pretty exciting and I’m putting them back on my short list for higher recommendations. I’ll be keeping a closer eye on them and will probably be recommending them and demoing their product more often than I used to.

You start with a 7 day free trial but a credit card is required to sign up. If you keep it beyond the 7 days they start charging your card. There is no contract so it is month to month.

This Get a Free Trial button and the Order button take you to the same place.

This is a direct link to their site to a page created for me. No promo code is necessary to ensure any benefits provided here.

PlanPlusOnline’s pricing varies depending upon the product. The Real Estate Professional is for 1-4 users and is $35.00/mo. ($349/yr.)

The Real Estate Business version is $199.00/mo. for 5 or more users. The latter version has significantly more features including the ability to automatically assign leads to users based on various qualifications, custom web forms, and a custom desktop.

This is a direct link to their site to a page created for me. No promo code is necessary to ensure any benefits provided here.

Do a screen sharing session with me and see this product or any others in which you may be interested. People often ask if there are any benefits purchasing here through me as opposed to going directly to the vendor. The answer is that you have probably already benefited by being on this site. This is the only place on the internet where you can get free unbiased information on over 40 different real estate CRMs. It takes time and money to maintain this site. Purchasing here helps support that effort. Another reason is that this is one of those times when a middle man is actually a good thing. If you have an issue with the vendor, I will step in an help resolve the issue. I give these vendors business, so I have their ear.