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You can tell from the start that Referral Maker is different. They don’t call them contacts. They call them relationships. Referral Maker is all about knowing your contacts inside and out and working them to increase referrals. Or you can just hope for new business all the time, something Buffini refers to as Transactional. Which one is more desirable?  It goes well beyond categorizing people as buyers, sellers, prospects, suspects, past clients, etc. You rate their propensity to refer you. You can record their hobbies, favorite restaurants, sports teams and many other data points that enable you to do much more personalized marketing than just sending out another email drip campaign.

So this CRM is geared towards capitalizing on your existing relationships vs focusing on Internet leads. So if you are very much into the latter, this one may not be for you. It is also not, currently, for someone who wants to use their CRM for transaction management in great detail. I often have agents tell me that they really just want their CRM to track their people and keep them following up in an organized way. That’s this one to a “T”.

There used to be a few software applications whose only objective was to help you set goals and track them. Referral Maker ties that kind of thinking into a CRM to actually track and prompt those goals you have set. If you need a CRM and you like goal setting, Referral Maker is unique in its approach and should definitely be on your short list, at the top.

Referral Maker Vital Statistics:

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Out of beta & started selling: 2012

Company Name: Buffini & Company

What kind of sales is this for?: residential, agent

Features: ♦♦

Support: By email or phone Monday through Friday from 11AM to 8AM Eastern Time

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Dashboard/Desktop/Home Page

Referral Maker is all about setting goals and staying on track! If you have set goals there is no better place for them to be than staring you in the face every time you open your CRM. And it’s about rating your Relationships (contacts)  and evaluating what you’ve done with them and what you need to do. But you also have the other things you need like your Task list, your Calendar,  and I always like it when Recent Activity is on the home page. It enables you to be that much more efficient. And it even measures what you’ve accomplished in order to assign Badges. It may seem a little silly but it makes the point and it helps keep you on point. One of the most difficult things about using a CRM is adoption. Having it doesn’t do you any good unless you use it. Consistently! This helps.

Referral Maker Desktop

Referral Maker desktop 2


Unique or Notable Features

Mobile Interface – The desktop version has a nice warm look and they have carried that over to the mobile interface.

Referral Maker Mob1

Referral Maker Mob2

Relationship Management – Brian Buffini is the biggest coach in the industry. This must have happened for a reason and that reason is the way Referral Maker is laid out. The whole point is to nurture your database and work with people who already know and like you, such that they refer you to others. Working with referrals is so much easier than working on new leads all the time. They are certainly not mutually exclusive, but using a system that teaches you how to do that is invaluable.

Referral Maker Relationships 1

Referral Maker Relationships 2

Referral Maker Relationships 3

Referral Maker Relationships 4

Referral Maker Relationships 5

Relationship Profile – Now this is how you do quality targeted marketing! Did you get to be pretty good friends with your clients? Did you share some personal information like hobbies and such? Is it in your CRM? If you don’t have anything personal in your CRM about your contacts, how are you going to market to them on a personal level? You can’t. So you need somewhere to record personal information that can be useful towards that end. Look at the wealth of information you can have here. Referral Maker is the only CRM of which I am aware that enables you to capture this kind of information in a usable format.

How do you use it? Let’s say you have Golf as a hobby. You’re reading your morning paper and you see that the Bucks County Country Club is offering half price greens fees for the month of March. You go into Referral Maker and do a quick search on Golf. Up comes a list of everyone in your database who is a golfer. You write a very short email along the lines of “I remembered that you were a golfer and I saw this discount advertised. Thought it might interest you. Hope all is well! Have a great one!” Start to finish is less than five minutes and you just touched 22 people and they thought that email was just to them. It doesn’t get any better than that when you’re trying to build relationships! Unless of course, as Buffini promotes heavily, you write a personal note and mail it.

Referral Maker Relationship Data 1

Referral Maker Relationship Data 2

Referral Maker Relationship Data 3

Ask for a Referral – This isn’t exactly earth shattering but it’s a terrific idea and it is unique in the industry so it belongs here. How often do you ask for referrals? Probably not enough, so this is a great little reminder.

Referral Maker Ask referral

Goal Setting & TrackingBest in Class!  As I alluded to earlier, Referral Maker gets best in class for this. I attended entire seminars devoted to learning this back in the day. We used sheets of paper. Set your financial goals and determine the gross needed to obtain the net. Break that down into transactions needed. Then track what it takes to get those transactions  and set daily, weekly, monthly prospecting goals. Tie it all in with your CRM to track your efforts and you have the tools it takes to become a money making machine. This is not rocket surgery. This is basic goal setting and follow-up. So why do we not do it?  One reason is because it’s not easy enough. But it can be now because it’s all tied together in a coherent well thought out system. Continue to nurture those relationships with Referral Maker’s systems and you also have a client base who loves you!

Referral Maker Goals 1

Referral Maker Activity Goals 2

Referral Maker Activity Goals

Referral Maker Business dashboard

Spouse/Partner Associations – This is something that has been long overdue in the industry. Others have touched upon it but Referral Maker does it right. There has always been an issue with how to contact people when they are both party to a transaction or you just want them both included in all email communications. Do you have one contact record for both people or do you have two contact records, one for each. The latter method requires you to go into each contact separately and send them that email. This removes that hurdle by associating them and then giving you options not only to email them together or separately but also to note the same with mail, calls, and popbys.

Referral Maker spouse 1

Referral Maker spouse 2

How does Referral Maker stack up with other popular features?

–Understand these terms—

Phone/Tablet: Covered in Unique or Notable Features

Lead Capture: Not to date as it is focused on working your existing relationships.

New Lead Display: On the home page as a new addition to the database.

Lead Notification: Text or email

Team Capabilities: Not yet but it’s coming

Buyer Home Search: Yes

Internal email software: No

E-mail stored with contact record: No

Blast Email: Yes

Capable of building email drip campaigns: Yes

Capable of building activity plans: Yes

Included Template Content – Minimal

Social Media – Facebook terminated its data feed to all CRMs so it is no longer available.

Call Center – No

Lockbox Manager – No

CRM Comparisons

Referral Maker History

Around June 2015 I contacted the Buffini organization to inquire about affiliating with them to re-sell their CRM – Referral Maker. It was a pleasant surprise when I eventually ended up talking to Brian Wildermuth. I know Brian from several years ago when he owned Sharper Agent and we were affiliated for resales. Brian suggested I join them in Philly for the Success Tour last week and I’m very glad he did.

I started in real estate in 1987. There was no internet that provided a plethora free training information like there is now, so I spent a small fortune on seminars, books, tapes and more. I read so many books and listened to hundreds of hours of Tommy Hopkins, Denis Waitley, Steve Stewart, Zig Ziglar and so many more. I even did the Firewalk with Tony Robbins. That was something I’ll never forget!

But yesterday I witnessed first hand why I have heard so many positive comments over the years for Buffini and Company. Wow what an impressive production and just a great overall experience. I now have a much better perspective with which to view their Referral Maker CRM.

Buffini made some great points in the context of Internet Leads versus nurturing your database for referrals. If you’re like me, if you haven’t experienced it yourself you’ve heard many disparaging words about internet leads. Namely, that they are either bad leads, or that there are too many, with few that result in a closing. Buffini’s teaching is that it is far less time consuming and much less expensive to work your database than it is to always go after new business using lead generation solutions and social media. And that is the thought behind the CRM. It’s about nurturing your database and that’s how it is set up.

But what makes it unique is that with all the other CRMs, you are pretty much on your own unless you want to pay someone like me to coach you how to best take advantage of your CRM. With Referral Maker, you can buy just the CRM, or you can buy into a whole philosophy and be coached all along the way to make the best use of it. If you have been trying to use a CRM but keep failing, this may be an alternative worth considering.

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