Top Producer Real Estate CRM

Top Producer Special Pricing

With me, you will not be sold to. You will be consulted to.

Top Producer Special Pricing Note: Don’t be mislead by claims of lower prices or unique bundles

Top Producer special pricing is strictly regulated by Top Producer. There is the full price which is all that you will usually see online anywhere because this is also regulated. Then there is the internal “floor” price. Neither their inside sales nor the re-sellers are permitted to go below the “floor” price, and we are all authorized to offer it.

Bundle prices can include any or all of their products such as Top Producer 8i (the CRM), Market Snapshot (a separate lead generation and follow-up product), Five Street (for lead aggregation and distribution) and Web sites. The bundle prices are all regulated as well.

I sell all Top Producer products at the floor price all the time. Period. No negotiating necessary.

  • There is also a special promotion that you may not hear about that will save you a little bit more. Ask me about it.
  • Special pricing is available for accounts with five or more licenses.
  • Paying one year up front gets a 5% discount on your total purchase. Two is 7.5% and three is 10%.

Benefits of buying here:

My email drip campaigns will help you get started by:

  • Helping you set up your Sales PipelineFollow-up Coach by getting the contacts labeled correctly
  • Learning how to add contact information the right way
  • Learn how to build contact types the right way

You have one person to call if you ever have administrative issues with Top Producer. I am your representative and I get listened to. In this case it is good to have a middle man.

I will also give you the contact information for my contact at Top Producer. He is not for tech support. But you have a Top Producer representative that you can call directly and actually know his name.

So call me – 215.345.5222 and call anyone else you want. See what others say. Their price may be higher but it will not be lower. Guaranteed!