What is this product? Right now you spend 100% of your time and money to be in front of 100% of the residents in your farm. Smartzip enables you to spend 20% of your time and money but still be in touch with 40 – 50% of the homes that are going to sell in the next six months. It’s all about Return on Investment.

Smartzip is all about ROI

I was recently helping an agent choose a CRM when he mentioned a product that I had seen being discussed on a Facebook group I’m in. When he described this product so passionately I immediately became very interested. This is the first concept I’ve seen in years that is truly a significantly unique giant step in the evolution of Real Estate prospecting, and I decided I wanted to be a part of it.

I was affiliated with a similar company several years ago for a brief time. The concept was there, but the the organization left something to be desired. SmartZip has taken it much further with respect to the marketing aspects of it. Once someone acts on one of your post cards, they see you advertised all over the internet throughout their travels online because they are being followed with cookies. It’s one of those I see you everywhere strategies.

If you are currently mailing, calling, or door knocking in a geographic farm of 400 households or more, and/or if you want to dominate such a market, this is as much of a no-brainer as any I have ever seen. Read on, pique your interest, and then contact me so I can help you on your way to saving a tremendous amount of your time and money in your prospecting efforts, while simultaneously increasing your listing inventory dramatically.

By the way – I just saw that they were just named #42 in the Forbes Inc. 5000 fastest growing private companies. They have to be doing something right!

Smartzip Discount

20% off Analytics and 50% off online advertising!!! 

Double your chances of winning listings when Smartzip tells who is ready to sell.

If you knew which homeowners in your farm were considering selling in the next 6-12 months, could you get more listings? Now it’s possible with SmartZip’s Predictive Marketing Platform for Real Estate: SmartTargeting.

SmartTargeting takes the guesswork out of your marketing and lets you target just the homeowners who are most likely to sell, more than doubling your chances of success. You simply tell us your geographic market and we’ll analyze it for your best prospects and then market to them on your behalf until they turn into a sale.

You will be able to focus your money and marketing efforts on sales-ready opportunities, considerably reducing your time to acquire and convert customers. This means you make more money faster.

Be aware that the service is only available to one agent per neighborhood. If this concept sounds interesting, it’s best not to wait. Find out if your area is available.

Smartzip is the Industry Leading Predictive Marketing Solution for Real Estate

Since 2007, SmartTargeting has helped thousands of agents increase their volume of listings and build a stronger brand in their territory. SmartZip’s prediction results are regularly back tested, a method which analyzes the previous two years of actual home sales activity to our predicted home sales activity for the same period of time, and have proven to be effective in calculating expected turnover.

Through this process, we have found that our targeted homeowners are at least twice as likely to sell their home in the next 6-12 months, compared to the general geographic market.

On average, our targeted homeowners contain about 40%-50% of future listings. SmartTargeting helps you focus your time, money and effort on the homeowners that are most likely to transact. By avoiding wasteful spending on mass marketing and the time spent talking to homeowners not likely to sell, SmartTargeting gives agents an edge over their competition. While other agents are spending money doing limited marketing to large areas, SmartTargeting clients are doing consistent and persistent marketing to their best prospects.

SmartTargeting is sold on an exclusive basis, and includes a full marketing platform with branded mailers, online ads, lead capture sites, a lead management dashboard and a wide range of tools and support to ensure your success.

This link will take you to a page on their site that will tell you if your area is available. From there you can request a demo, purchase etc. The pricing is entirely dependent upon many things so there is no pricing to give you here.

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