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Gary David Hall is the industry’s leading expert on CRM

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The Industry’s Leading Expert on Real Estate CRM is Gary David Hall

Many consider Gary to be the industry’s leading expert on Real Estate CRM. He started using it as an active agent in 1988 with a DOS program called Real Estate SpeciaCRM Speakerlist (RES). When his sales took off as a result, he was asked to teach it at the Montgomery County Association of Realtors at round tables in 1989.

He discovered he liked teaching! A lot!

In one of the testimonials you will see a statement to the effect that Gary is an exciting speaker because he is so obviously passionate about it. He left a very lucrative career in real estate sales because he discovered his true passion was teaching technology in Real Estate.

Gary then spent two years as the roving technology consultant and technology trainer for the SEPA & DE  Regional RE/MAX offices. In 1999 he founded RE-ACT, LLC to share his knowledge about technology. For the next eight years he honed his speaking skills as a real estate continuing education teacher.

Now after spending over three years as the VP of Customer Success as the fourth man in, in a startup real estate CRM, there is no aspect of real estate CRM of which Gary has not been a part.

For a very detailed list of his background and experience you can go here.

It’s rare to find someone who understands both the Real Estate business and the intricacies of CRM software. Gary excels at both and has written the definitive book on selecting a CRM for our industry! Positively a “must read” before you invest the time and money into a CRM

Hi Gary – Because I’m a good student who listens to the instructor :>), I created the activity plans you recommended while I was taking your class. And I’m thrilled that I did. As you promised in the class, my stress level is dramatically reduced. I’m juggling 9 transactions at the moment, and don’t worry about a thing because my CRM tells me every day what needs to be done. If some unforeseen event needs to be scheduled, I just add it to the plan. I love it!

CRM seminar checklist

Following are some of the more popular topics about which he speaks.

Mix and match and build your own seminar or do them all!

  • Latest trends in real estate CRM
  • Top 10 features you want in a CRM
  • There is no such thing as the Best CRM
  • Warning: Take what you read with a grain of salt. Look for hidden agendas
  • What is CRM and what are its advantages over Outlook and Google
  • A day in the life – agent’s use of CRM – what is possible
  • Cost
  • Generic CRMs vs Real Estate specific
  • Do not waste your money if you are not committed to making the time
  • Don’t eliminate a trial CRM without verifying veracity of negative perceptions
  • Web based versus Desktop
  • Is the CRM you are looking at stable?
  • Software vs. Templated Content
  • Holding your data hostage – The myth – Importing and exporting
  • How safe is your data? – desktop vs Web based and backing up
  • CRM and E-mail, Integrated e-mail client vs Drop Box
  • Automated lead population – Web forms vs filters
  • Tips for proper contact data entry and categorization, sources
  • Every contact must have a Dated Next Action
  • Post closing follow-up
  • Missing the boat on transaction management/coordination
  • Gary’s favorite CRMs
  • Transaction Management/Process Management – Organize your business!

Gary is the guru for all things real estate CRM. There is probably no one on the planet more knowledgeable than him on this subject.

The supreme high Poo-Bah for CRMs is Gary David Hall – his website is a treasure trove of info.

You would do well to connect with Gary David Hall, in my mind the foremost expert on all things CRM.

“Excellent & exciting! As a college teacher for 20+ years, I can really appreciate the value & experience of high quality instruction, coupled with an engaging and entertaining personality. I’ll be signing on for more of Gary’s courses in the future.”

“When Gary talks about technology in Real Estate he lights up. His passion for the topic is fun; he has a great sense of humor; and he keeps everybody involved…”

“Thank you for a most interesting, informative, well prepared, structured, course. You have managed to make sense of a very confusing issue (Technology). As instructors rate, I give you an A+. You captured 100% of my attention, and that is not easy!

“We thoroughly enjoyed the classes you held at our office. Both the agents and I felt the material presented was of a significant value and will help us in our day-to-day work activities. Being more efficient and managing time effectively will only continue to grow in importance in our industry. Having a knowledge of and being able to use technology is an absolute must in today’s business world.

I especially appreciated that fact that you took the time to present an outline to me prior to the class so that we could custom-tailor it to our agents. So many times people take classes where the speaker / teacher never investigates the level of sophistication of his or her students and consequently a significant amount of time is wasted going over items in which the students are already proficient. The agents also appreciated you allocating time for their questions both during and at the conclusion of the class.

Bringing educators like you into an environment like ours provides tangible evidence of the value we as owners and managers provide our associates. As you know, both classes you gave were complete sell-outs with waiting lists. I am looking forward to having you back soon!”

If you wouCRM helpld like to bring me to your function or have me do a webinar please call me at 215.813.2495 or contact me here.