This site is about helping agents and brokers decide which Real Estate CRM Software is right for you with reviews/ratings to help. They are referred to by many names. Real Estate Contact Management, Real Estate Customer Relationship Management, Client Management, Contact Management, Contact Managers, CMS, CMR, Real Estate Sales Tracking, Sales Management, Marketing Management, BPM, Business Process Management, or Database Managers. Call them what you will, they are tools to help you follow up with contacts, such as Realvolve’s Workflows,  get more referrals, market to your database, manage transactions, reduce your stress, make you a better Realtor®, gain the respect of your peers, and provide better service to your clients. 

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Choosing Customer Relationship Management software is a big decision. Shouldn’t it be a well informed one? Here you can learn what features exist in CRMs and how to use them.

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A video introduction to this site

Far More Than Just a List of Real Estate CRMs for Sale

Let’s start with the premise that there is no best Real Estate CRM, because everyone has different needs. You have essentially three choices when you’re looking for Real Estate CRM software online.

1) There are the Real Estate CRM vendors’ sites themselves. Obviously they are going to recommend theirs because it’s the only product they have. CRM Checklist redYou certainly can’t blame them for trying to sell their product, but one size does not fit all.

2) There are a a few different kinds of sites that sell selections of Real Estate CRM software. A couple even have someone you can talk to about them. More reviews and articles are being written as well. Here are some thoughts though.

    • If they are recommending/reviewing a lot of generic CRMs and not Real Estate specific CRMs, how much if anything do they know about Real Estate CRM software?
    • Ask them if they have ever been an agent and used Real Estate specific CRM software.
    • Are they familiar with all of the best options among the dozens of Real Estate CRMs that are available, or are they only aware of a few?
    • Ask them if they have ever been an agent selling 40 or 50 or more homes each year, not just had a license.

Essentially you want to find out if they are truly qualified to offer an informed opinion, or are they an instant expert. Being a real estate technology expert does not necessarily mean they know a lot about CRM specifically. That has been made painfully obvious with some of the reviews I have seen.

CRM has been a trending topic for the last couple years so there are now more articles and reviews being written on the subject. They all essentially say something along the lines of  “after a great deal of extensive research”. Done over what period of time? A few hours before they wrote the article? Maybe a whole solid week of research before they wrote the article or review? My opinions have been formed initially as an agent using a DOS Real Estate CRM called Real Estate Specialist in 1988. I’ve been watching literally all of them as they came out, and using several of them personally since then. This has been virtually my sole niche focus since 2006. My opinion is that generic CRM software wastes your time in many ways. For 99.0% of Real Estate agents, a CRM built for Real Estate is going to be much easier to learn and use than a generic CRM. If that were not true, I would sell many of the generic CRMs as well. That’s why with two exceptions, you will only see Real Estate CRM software here. For more on this topic please read this excerpt from my book.

3) There is this site. Over 20 different kinds of Real Estate specific software with in-depth reviews and information about each one. Gary has personally spent hundreds of hours over the last decade with the CEOs and developers of all of these CRMs and many more to understand these CRMs and create these reviews. Additionally there are tools to learn about CRMs in general as well as many other benefits here. All about Real Estate CRM!

This site has been dedicated to being the most comprehensive Real Estate CRM site in the world since 1999.

Gary David Hall:

Literally wrote the book on Real Estate CRMCRM PDF Book

Wrote A History of CRM in Real Estate

Has been blogging about them here and across the internet on a regular basis since 1999

Holds webinars hosted by teams, offices, brokerages and associations across the country

Has been working with the owners and developers of most of them since they opened their doors (and some before).

Has the inside track on where they have been and where they are going,

Consults to the developers to help them improve their products

Has trained and consulted to thousands of agents, teams and brokerages on a regular basis since 1992

Announces CRM product developments

The goal of this site is to be the ultimate destination for anyone looking for their first Real Estate CRM or deciding to move to another one. You will find more information here than anywhere else on the internet. Research to your hearts content and when you’re ready to trial or purchase a Real Estate CRM, do it here with confidence. It is highly advisable though that before you trial one, let alone purchase one, that you talk to Gary first.CRM Goals

For the most up to date and insightful information, contact me.

  • Make an appointment to speak with me by clicking here
  • Call me at 215.345.5222
  • Complete a list of questions and get a response with the ones that I feel best suits your needs based on your answers by clicking here

I have active accounts with all of them and will do a screen sharing session with you to go inside the CRMs and show you the ones that best suit your needs based on your aptitude, current needs and future goals. This is a major decision. Shouldn’t you make it after being as well informed as possible?

If you are a single agent or small team this consultation is free. If you are a team or brokerage and the conversation is going to be an extended one there may be a fee of $100/hr.

In either case you will not find better prices or terms anywhere on the internet for any of the products offered here. This is an absolute guarantee! In most cases the prices and terms will be better because there are many discounted prices and extended trials here.

Enjoy this site and hey, give me a call at 215.345.5222 or contact me here!

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