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For help picking a CRM, schedule a free 15 minute call.

For consulting calls, $75/half hour, $150 for an hour.

“…says Gary David Hall, industry leader in CRM software.” – Press Release

“…and Gary David Hall, the foremost Real Estate CRM Consultant in North America…” – PR Web

“The supreme high Poo-Bah for CRMs is Gary David Hall – his website is a treasure trove of info.”

Gary helped me a few times over the years as I was seeking alternative CRM solutions.  At one point I bought a one-month subscription to his CRM Matrix to learn about dozens of CRMs.  That was a huge time saver.  Later I paid to consult with him to move a little faster when my need to switch became urgent.  He’s really excellent at sifting through needs, priorities, and aversions to help a real estate professional make a selection and get back to selling real estate.
He’s definitely got the best handle on the options available today.  Also he is a Realtor himself, so he’s not guessing at what we need – he knows.

“Gary knows his stuff. When first contacted over 2 years ago, the advice he gave provided minimal financial return for him, but it was the absolute best advice for us. When contacted again this year, we were ready to fully utilize his consulting services. He knows more about real estate software programs than anyone else and honestly advises based upon your individual needs and circumstances. Thank you Gary! It has been an absolute pleasure to work with you”