Target Marketing

Are you target marketing? Not if you don’t keep the right kind of information on your sphere of influence in your database.

What if you used categories or some other searchable field in your CRM to store information like hobby, alma mater, favorite kind of food, favorite sport, favorite team, favorite kind of books, favorite kind of movies, favorite actor, etc.

You need to get into the habit of asking those kinds of questions when you’re working with your clients. It can’t happen overnight, but over the months and years you will develop an extremely valuable set of demographics for your client base.

You could wake up in the morning, read your local news, and see that the Doylestown Country Club is offering  a discount on greens fees.

You open your CRM and create a quick merge e-mail.


Hi (merge field first name),

I know you’re a golfer and I just saw that the Doylestown Country Club is offering half off greens fees on Thursdays and Fridays for April and May.

Just thought I would let you know in case you wanted to take advantage of it.

Best Regards,

(Your signature, which includes some reference to loving referrals)


You then do a quick search in your CRM and find that you have 37 people that are golfers. You click send and that e-mail goes out to them.

You just did a very high quality touch to 37 people that is very personal. Most of them will probably think it was sent just to them.

How long did it take? Once you get it down – literally about 5 minutes for the entire process.

Okay so that was only 37 people. Tomorrow you see that there is a new Thai restaurant opening locally…

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Do you write letters?

This may sound like a stupid question, but it’s not the first time it has come up.

On 4 separate occassions I have been consulting with someone who is creating a new RE CRM, and they did not provide the ability to create a one-off original letter. In other words, you are in a contact’s record, and you want to write a quick “paper” letter to them such that their name and address etc. will be automatically merged into the letter. That letter would then be able to be seen later in that contact’s file if necessary.

My question is this. Do you write one-off (as opposed to form) letters? I realize it is done relatively rarely any more due to e-mail, but if you could chime in to answer whether or not you have that need, I would appreciate it.

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