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They can’t all be the best! I consider this to be one of them based on Features, Support and Stability.


Realvolve might be the right

Real Estate CRM for you if…

If you like cutting edge – this is it. The look, the feel, the workflows, the rFactor, propinquity and analytics to suggest follow-ups and more. This is one very impressive piece of software.

If you’re searching for a CRM that has the best process automation for your business (workflows), this one should be on your short list. This is accomplished with Workflows in Realvolve. Workflows are the next generation of Activity Plans, Action Plans, or Campaigns that you see in other CRMs. , As a matter of fact, Mark Stepp (see History at end of review) excelled at workflows (called Task Series) in Advantage Xi. They were the Best in Class. Now that it’s web based he has surpassed himself in this feature. Realvolve now gets Best in Class overall for it’s workflows feature. The Salesforce based Real Estate CRMs do have  powerful workflows as far as options go, but they are the most complicated ones in the industry, which makes it difficult to customize and implement. Realvolve’s workflows are not for the fainthearted either, but they are easier to learn and use, crafted for Real Estate agents, have features that don’t exist anywhere else, and will suit the vast majority of people wanting truly powerful workflows.

Realvolve Vital Statistics:

Legend of Terms


Company name: Realvolve, LLC

Facebook Community – very active

Features: ♦♦♦

Help Section

Out of beta & started selling: 2014

Support: M – F, 9:00:00AM – 5:00PM CST by Support Ticket (email) and Live Chat with Screen Sharing. Toll free phone support during business hours.


Updates & Fixes: Click here for a list of them. Handy little tool.

What kind of sales is this for?: Residential, Agents, Teams, Brokerages

YouTube Channel

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Dashboard/Desktop/Home Page

Clean! Just really crisp and clean and such an efficient layout. The whole flow is just different than any other CRM I’ve seen and yes, in this case, different is a good thing. When you first look at Realvolve, it seems like there is not enough there. Like things are missing. But not only is it not missing anything, but it’s got some goodies no one else has.

Note the Search Anything box. You can key in anything you want and it will find it almost anywhere in the program including notes. There is also a drop-down to different kinds of searches, such as Contact, Address, etc.

Note the Recently Viewed on the left. This is one of my favorite CRM features and surprisingly it is not in most Real Estate CRMs.

Filters to find and act on contacts is right on the Dashboard which makes it faster to find people in any of dozens of ways.

YTD Sales and Commissions, Sales Pipeline, projected earnings and more Reporting is done in the Widgets on the dashboard.

Notes and Correspondence displays all emails, notes and SMS message activity in the system as a running stream.

Activities due and overdue for the day are displayed under Activities. For those who prefer a calendar, that’s one click away at the top.

Activities can be filtered in many ways by clicking on them on the left.

The Contact Cross Section is where you will see people who need to be contacted, based on who they are and how long it has been since you last contacted them.

Here is a screenshot of the dashboard on my demo site


Unique or Notable Features

Workflows/Activity Plans – Best in Class!

Best in Class! Advantage Xi had far and away the most powerful workflows (it called them Task Series) of any CRM I have ever seen, with the possible exception of Salesforce. That said, using Workflows in Salesforce requires far more patience and practice than Realvolve. I’m going to let the pictures do the talking.

Be aware that with power comes learning curve. These being the most powerful workflows in the industry means that you won’t be picking up how to build them in a couple hours. It’s going to take a concerted effort, and patience. They’re not for the faint hearted but the payoff is more than worth the time and patience, if you’re capable of it. If you’re not, maybe you have a current or future assistant that can get it done for you. If you consider yourself not much of a techie and you want use workflows, you should probably talk to me first, so I can help you decide if this is right for you.

Realvolve has several features to it that no one else does. One is that Tags are incorporated into the activities and you can automatically Tag a Contact/Property/Transaction based on the completion of the activity. Another is that you can create a checklist within a task and set options based on it being complete or not. The more you dig, the more options you find. It has the most powerful Workflows in the industry and teams are loving it for it’s scalability.

Realvolve Workflow Setup

This shows the top of the Workflow, in the editor, with the beginning of the list of activities in the workflow at the bottom.

Realvolve workflow-start1

This shows the first step in starting a workflow on a Transaction. The concept is that you create one workflow, say for all transactions in which you have the Buyer. That workflow should include activities for all eventualities including with a mortgage, HOA, Home Inspection, etc. The idea is that in this step, you customize this workflow that has everything by removing the activities not related to this particular transaction.

Realvolve Workflow-start2

This shows the next step where you have the opportunity to customize the dates on activities, which were automatically assigned based on how you set them up in the workflow in the editor. For example, the Home Inspection might normally have 10 days to respond, but in this particular transaction, they negotiated

This shows how a Checklist Activity allows you to check off what you got so far. If the checklist is not complete, it offers an option to send an email or some other action. If it is complete, it offers a different option.

This shows Groups. If you create a workflow for a Buyer Escrow, it has every eventuality you may need. Activities related to a mortgage, HOA, Home Inspection, etc. When you start that workflow on a specific Transaction, it may be a cash deal with no Home Inspection. If that happens, when you start the workflow, you just de-select the irrelevant Groups and it removes all those task from that specific Transactions’s workflow., rather than having to de-select all non-relevant activities one at a a time.

Another thing I love about Realvolve’s workflows is the ability to automatically Tag a Contact, Property or Transaction upon completion of an activity.

Content Library

Realvolve has a number of Workflows included such as the Keller Williams 33 Touch Points and 8 X 8, as well as the “Client Services Workflows which is comprised of 13 commonly used ones such as a Closing when it’s your buyer or your seller or when you have both sides as well as a Listing Workflow and many others. Additionally, you may purchase one of a large number of workflows and templates from the likes of Dave Beson or Gwen Daubenmeyer. All the products can simply be turned on for use when purchased because they are already formatted  and installed by Realvolve.

Realvolve Workflow Packages Available

Realvolve Import

Calendar – Best in Class!

 The power and flexibility of the activities in Realvolve are going to knock your socks off! Realvolve knows how some of you are seriously organized and have become dependent upon color coding on your calendar because Outlook has had it forever.  So they have it.

This is where many agents eyes will glaze over and they’ll lose interest. But some of you are going to start salivating. This is one of the times that Mark’s extensive background in Real Estate CRMs shines. Look at the Activity image. There are several unique features in it. One is that a single activity can actually include a Checklist. So you can partially complete a checklist and have it come up a pre-determined number of days later.

Look at the Create Actions field. All other CRMs have the regular trigger dates for activities. Listing Date, Expiration Date, Contract Date, Closing Date, etc. Realvolve has so many more of them that I am not going to bother listing them all.

Realvolve Calendar

Realvolve Calendar Complete Task

Realvolve Appointment

Realvolve Activity Detail

Importing Data – Best in Class!

Importing is not really all that difficult if you have done it before. But most have not done it before so it can be intimidating. Mapping fields is not too difficult either but the same applies. So it sure would be nice if the CRM you are moving to has already done all the mapping for you. Realvolve does that for 22 of the most popular CRMs including Agent Office, By Referral Only, Cloud Contacts, Insightly, IXACT Contact, Outlook,  Top Producer, WiseAgent, and many more. So that means if you have any of those programs now, Realvove has made it as easy as possible to get your data in. That said, if you don’t want to do it yourself, you can send them the file and they will do it for you.

Realvolve Import

Email storage: Best in Class!

This is a perfect example of why I am so excited about the potential of Realvolve.  Mark Stepp knows what you want and this is one of the things you want! You can have a client with whom you have done several transactions over the years. You really want to store any email relevant to those transaction. Having it all stored with the contact is far better than not having it in your CRM at all, but it’s not optimal. While the emails are relevant to the contact, they are far more relevant to the transaction. Storing the emails relevant to a property or transaction with the contact means eventually you have one heck of a lot of emails to sift through to see which ones are relevant to the transaction. So why don’t all the CRMs allow you to store the email with the transaction itself? Because they don’t get it. They’re in the process of getting it. Mark has known this for a long time which is why you could do that in his old CRM Advantage Xi. The other CRMs have it half way there. They give you a coded email address that enables storage with the contact. Realvolve has taken it to the next level. They allow you to create a coded email address for contacts, but also have them for properties and transactions, and they are planning to make it even more versatile. You will also be able to do things like add a note to a contact or create a task, using just email, down the road.

Look to the right of the property address at the top and you’ll see an “i” icon. Because I am hovering over it, it displays the email address specific to that transaction. Clicking on it copies it to the clipboard. In the next shot you see the email I sent where it is stored in the Notes & Correspondence.

Realvolve Email Storage 1

Realvolve Email Storage 2

Realvolve Email Storage 3

Relationships: Best in Class!

Yet another problem virtually always overlooked in CRMs – but not Realvolve! How do you communicate with a couple, such that when an email is sent, it is sent to both contacts at their respective email addresses?

Below the Connections section is the Personal Details where you can store some important data about the contact.  By clicking on the ( + ) plus sign to the right of Relationship status, the system will allow you to connect the spouse or significant other.  Choose the relationship type and then Enter the name of the contact. If they are in the database already, you can select the contact or you can just press TAB to leave the field and it will automatically add the contact’s name into a new contact record and link the two contacts.  The Greeting and Mailing name fields are used when sending letters and labels to the joint records.  Greeting would be “John & Mary”  where the Mailing name will be “John & Mary Smith”.   The option to make the current contact the primary will change the order in which those fields are displayed.   Below the input fields for this section is a set of check boxes to keep Home Address, Home Phone, Kids and Tags the same on both contacts, select those as desired. Outstanding!

Realvolve Relationships 1

Realvolve Relationships 2

Realvolve Relationships 3

Zapier Interface

If you’ve never heard of Zapier you should check it out. If your CRM program is set up for Zapier, it allows you to connect many hundreds of different apps to it. Things like all the Google apps, Social Media, WordPress, etc. This will undoubtedly be a standard in the industry for Real Estate CRMs at some point, but Realvolve is one of the few that already does it. It has the API Key (required to use Zapier) readily available in the settings section in Zapier, in the My Account section.

This is what is used to automatically add contacts to Realvolve and optionally start a follow-up workflow at the same time. The downside is that if you get a great many leads this way, Zapier has a limit on how many are included with the free account, as well as how many Zaps you can have. Most agents get along fine without the upgrade.

Another example of what it can do for you. How about having a Google Form on your Tablet for your Open House visitors. They fill out the form and they are automatically added to your Realvolve database and started on a follow-up workflow, all automatically. They’ll get a follow-up before they leave the house!

Trans-Plans Activity Plans:

Realvolve has formatted Trans-Plans such that all the plans/emails/letters install automatically. All you have to do is start using them!


How does Realvolve stack up with other popular features?

Activity Plans: – Capable of building Workflows: Yes

Buyer Home Search: No

Call Center: No

Email campaign reporting: Yes

Email – capable of building email drip campaigns: Yes

Email – stored with contact record: Yes

Included Template Content: A large selection of template emails and letters. Virtually all template emails in any CRMs need a little tweaking to make them fit your personality and market. The true value in any canned content is that the subject matter and structure are already there. If you don’t particularly like the way something is worded, tweak it!

Integrations: Bomb Bomb,, Evernote, IDX Broker, and Dotloop

Internal email software: No

Lead Capture: Realvolve uses which is integrated with over 1,00 software program.

Lead Display: In the Bell at the top of the page or you can set up a filter to display whatever kind of leads you like.

Lead Notification: By email text or email using workflows

Lockbox Field: Yes

Phone/Tablet: Both iPhone and Android apps

Social Media: Currently no Social media interfaces other than to link to the contact’s Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn page

Synchs:– Google synch to contacts and/or calendar. Outlook sync can be accomplished by using a third party utility to sync from Realvolve to Google to Outlook.

Team Capabilities: Realvolve has the most granular permissions in the CRM specific realm. This enables a very scalable solution for teams. Brokerage level sharing with individual teams is on the drawing board.


CRM Comparisons


CRM History

Realvolve History

Realvolve is the logical evolution for Mark Stepp, the creator of Advantage Xi. Advantage Xi is a desktop CRM and moving to the web was only a matter of time. I used Advantage Xi for about five years and loved it. It had its issues because it was desktop based but it is an incredibly well thought out CRM. It is still the strongest CRM on the market in a database context. Mark is the CIO and one of four primary players in Realvolve and if it evolves to be even close to the power of Advantage Xi it will be a huge success.

Now here is a kicker. I have followed Real Estate CRMs since the very first one called Howard & Friends that came out in 1982. I have seen them all come out and so far 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15 of them go out of business. This is only the second time in well over 40 CRMs that I have seen someone involved with their second CRM in this industry. Bruce Peterson was the primary developer of Agent Online(Agent Office) back in 1992. He and Jim Lawson got together and created Agent 360. When you develop a CRM you never know exactly everything that needs to be in it. You have to launch a new CRM knowing that for the next few years and beyond, you will be listening to your user’s feedback to make it a better product. But in this case, Mark has been listening to your needs for twenty years already. That is a huge leg up on the competition, and a huge benefit to you.

Now I have to talk about Dave Crumby – the CEO. Since I affiliated with Realvolve I’ve gotten to know Dave and his passion to create something truly exceptional is contagious. It turns out that Realvolve got it’s name from a book Dave wrote called Real. After reading the book and having a number of conversations with him, I can’t help but be impressed. I’ve worked extensively with the CEO’s and developers of over 40 Real Estate specific CRMs in the last 10+ years. The vast majority do not have anyone on staff with much experience in real estate sales, let alone an extensive background in high production. Dave did a very high number of sales as an agent and as a broker in his career and it shows. I see extraordinary things happening with this CRM and I’m all in. I just heard from a very discriminating new user who is very seriously into the workflows and love what she had to say. “I have three words to describe Realvolve – OMG!”

Three Part Review Of Realvolve in Video

Soon to be updated!

Do a screen sharing session with me and see this product or any others in which you may be interested.

All accounts have the use of one account for an assistant. 

BONUS! I know this program inside and out. I set up Tech Support and then I on-boarded new customers. I will include an hour of training for a single account. More for larger accounts.

14 Day Free trial. No credit Card required for Trial!

Pricing shown Paid Annually/Monthly

Pro – $49/59/mo. per agent user.

Pro+ – $167/199 for up to 5 users.

Team – $233/280/mo. for up to 10 users.

Large Team – Sign up for the trial with my link and then call them.

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