The following Real Estate CRMs

are no longer in business


Why bother having them here if they’re gone? The primary reason is because sometimes people are looking for them and don’t know they’re gone. You can end your search here.

Secondarily it is to illustrate that all of these started in the last ten years, some with excellent funding and developers, but they didn’t make it. So when you’re looking for a CRM, one of the factors to bear in mind is their stability. There is no crystal ball but I have very good insights into which ones are more likely to survive.CRMs Out of Business

I started using a DOS Real Estate CRM called Real Estate Specialist(RES) in 1988. The only other option available at that time was Howard and Friends which came out in 1982. Many know the latter but few ever heard of the former although it was actually a much better program. I have been following the Real Estate specific CRM market ever since, so I have watched all of these come out. They failed for different reasons, but the bottom line is that there are an awful lot of Real Estate CRMs and they have to be special all the way around to survive. Expect more to be added to this list. There are simply too many to be supported by the relatively small market in this industry. My consulting can give you insight into which are more and less likely to survive. Call me and let me help you find the one that best suits your needs, that will be around for as long as you need it.

If you would like to see a history of Real Estate CRMs article I wrote click here.


AdvantageXi, Mark-It Advantage Xi


Agent Business Builder

Agent Desk

Agent Manager Solutions

Agent’s 1st Choice/Howard & Friends

Bizkinetic – did not last a year

Busy Agent Pro


Howard & Friends (original)

Leading Agent


Real Estate Specialist




Simple Remote