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This page has a quick synopsis of the real estate CRMs offered on this site. Just click on the Full Details button to learn more! If you already know which one you want, the same list is on the right >>>

Real Estate CRM


Unfortunately Contactually was bought by Compass and they are no longer doing affiliations with resellers such as myself.

That said, due to the fact that Compass owns many real estate sales franchises, many agents are now leaving Contactually as a result. I’ll be more than happy to discuss alternatives with you, but I am no longer able to sell it.

IXACT Contact

Best bang for the buck bar none!  It’s no secret that people think some CRM’s have too many features and people walk away feeling intimidated. Most of the time it is because they don’t really understand what Real Estate CRMs have to offer and they want very little. But sometimes, like Goldilocks, they want more than just a little, but less than the layered complicated ones. For those agents, IXACT Contact can be just right.

Useful for: Real Estate CRM, Residential, Agents, Teams, Features-♦♦♦


Following is what I was saying before. NOW they are coming out with a US version. I’m the first customer and will be letting you know about it her when it is ready. It will be happening any day now. If you’re interested, contact me and I’ll let you know.

This one is strictly for agents down under because much of the terminology is unique to Australia and North American agents would not find it comfortable for them. The process is pretty much the same but the terminology is all different. The first step in getting a listing is getting an appraisal which we would call doing a CMA. Customers are called vendors. There are always attorneys involved which are referred to as solicitors. I’m not saying that a North American agents could not use it. I’m just saying that others are just better suited to our needs.

Useful for: Real Estate CRM, Residential, Agents, Teams, Brokerages, Features-♦♦


Who should be interested in this one? If you’ve tried, really tried the best of the others and find that there are just too many things missing, maybe you should look at this one. If you are considering hiring someone to build one for you, first of all – don’t do it. More on that advice in this post. A better idea would be to use this as a start. You can modify it to suit your needs yourself or if need be you can hire one of any large number of people to modify it for you.

You then have the best of both worlds. Propertybase and Leading Agent will be staying up with the trends in the industry for you but what you don’t get from that, you can do yourself or have it done.  The end result is a customized real estate CRM that will be around forever and always with the ability to make it do whatever you want without having the downsides of having one built. If you don’t think there are downsides to having one built please read the post referred to above.

Useful for: Real Estate CRM, Residential, Agents, Teams, Brokerages, Features-♦♦♦♦, Customizable


Clean! Just really crisp and clean and such an efficient layout. I’m sorry but I’m going to have to gush about this one. The whole flow is just different than any other Real Estate CRM I’ve seen and it’s really efficient. And yes in this case different is a good thing. When you first look at Realvolve, it seems like there is not enough there. Like things are missing. But not only is it not missing anything,  it’s got some goodies no one else has. All this and it’s intuitive and easy to learn and use!

Useful for: Real Estate CRM, Residential, Agents, Teams, Brokerages, Features-♦♦♦

Top Producer X

What is Top Producer up to? They have a new CRM coming out called Top Producer X. What will it be? Completely different than the existing one seems obvious. Interested? Contact me and I’ll share what I know.

Useful for: Real Estate CRM, Residential, Agents, Teams, Features-♦♦♦♦


Clearly one of the fan favorite Real Estate CRMs in the industry, and one of my top favorites. If you haven’t seen it in a while, they did an interface makeover not too long ago that really makes all the difference. Besides always hearing very positive feedback on their tech support, one of the things I like most about it is their always expanding selection of partners which they use to expand the features of their product. Most recently they added Contactually, which joined others such as MailChimp, Docusign and many others. If you’re looking at Top Producer or IXACT Contact, you should probably also look at this one.

Useful for: Real Estate CRM, Residential, Agents, Teams, Features-♦♦♦

Real Estate CRM Software Reviews/Ratings to help agents and brokers decide which one is best for them.

They are referred to by many names. Real Estate Contact Management, Real Estate Customer Relationship Management, Client Management, Contact Management, Contact Managers, Real Estate Sales Tracking, CMS, CMR, Sales Management, Marketing Management or Database Managers. Call them what you will, they are tools to help you do so much. You can follow up with contacts, market to your database, manage transactions, reduce your stress, and make you a better Realtor®. All this and you provide better service to your clients to boot!

This list of CRM Software reviews/ratings is not all of the Real Estate CRMs out there.

Over the years there have been over 70 of them and I used to have most of them on my site. That is no longer the case because I will not recommend many of them for many different reasons. The primary one is complaints of lack of communication and support. It doesn’t matter how good a product is if you can’t get anyone to support it. For this iteration of my site I have decided not to include some of the ones I had for various reasons. Mostly because they justifiably never garnered any interest from anyone I ever spoke with. The others that are not here are brand new. Those are the developers with whom I am having ongoing conversations to add them here. Enjoy!