Team Services

How can a team benefit from implementing a CRM?

Bill (below) had a typical team in that everything was on paper. But, it was only typical in that aspect, because he had the most organized team I have ever seen. It was a valuable learning experience to watch a team that was already very organized, move to a CRM and make them that much more efficient than they were. Bill’s words exemplify what it means to adopt a CRM with a team. You can do it yourself and learn through experience, or you can bring me in to make it happen better and much faster.

Team Consulting

If you are a team of three or more…

…you have needs and considerations that single agents don’t. That means additional and different questions to help you find the right CRM for you. I will start with the people you have on your team, the roles they play, and the aptitudes of each. If you have a rainmaker distributing leads, then lead assignment and follow-up is another conversation you will have. One of the toughest aspects of getting a CRM for a team or brokerage is adoption. It doesn’t do you any good to find the right CRM if no one wants to use it, so you will discuss adoption techniques as well. If you’re a broker, the whole concept of getting one CRM for everyone is a conversation you should have. There are pro’s and con’s to that concept as well as who pays for each license and could you just promote a CRM and incentivize adoption. It’s a big decision and you want to try to make it only once by getting it right the first time.

Schedule a Call

A one hour consultation – $150.
I have an active account with the CRMs you see here. You can look at several if you like and I will  ask questions and then just let you talk. 

Phone consulting

Have other questions about real estate technology? I can help you there too.

  • Have a web site? Looking for a Web site? Get some advice. Not referrals to developers – advice about what to get and why.
  • What’s your email address? Is it permanent?
  • How are you currently following up with your prospects and your sphere of influence? Is it sufficient?
  • Does your broker offer a web site or a CRM? You probably should not use either of them! Why not?

I can answer these and hundreds of other questions. I started selling real estate in 1987 and reached 40 – 50 sales per year by 1993. Since then I have been teaching real estate technology since 1991 to individual agents, in offices, at round tables, webinars, and real estate schools. Although CRM has been my primary focus, I have loved teaching real estate technology for over 25 years and have a great deal to share. Additionally, having a background in computer operations management and production management, I am uniquely suited to aid you in developing a team and training them.

“Hi Gary, I wanted to follow up with you regarding the success of our CRM software and especially the “Activity Plans” that you helped us to implement.

As you know, we have for some time been operating with extensive manual “check lists”. The check lists we designed were created with two main objectives. First to enable us to work as a complete team, and second as a complete management tool for our client’s entire real estate process.

With your help, we were able to fully automate our own 432 step process into the CRM system. Having used the system now for over a year, I can attest to you the success it has had on our business. Being able to launch plans (not check lists) has made our operation much more efficient and complete. Those in the office responsible for managing client files no longer need to improvise and second guess the process. Each step is automatically set up on their desktop w/ step by step procedures as a reference if they need it.

Our office manager has been able to alter the plans as needed, enhancing our ability to customize a particular client’s process or to simply edit a plan for efficiency. Our entire business model’s servicing process is in our CRM and is the tool of choice in our company. I want to thank you for your expertise and guidance in helping us to automate our servicing process.

It has made a world of difference to all of us and most importantly helped our client’s receive a thorough and completely managed real estate process.

If fully servicing a client is important, I recommend the real estate professional automate their process. No more hand written notes, no more “to do’s” falling through the cracks, no more embarrassing phone calls of what was forgotten, no more sleepless nights wondering what was done or left undone. It is all there, in the system, documented and professionally managed.”

“I am so thankful that I found out about your consulting. It was the answer to my Team’s flagrant offense of purchasing technology, installing software, and then not spending any time or resources on training and integration.

Your approach, with a hands-on and on-site visit is in my opinion the ONLY ONE that works. Classes don’t. Books don’t. Tutorials don’t. You showed my team and myself how to do it, why we ought to do it, and then we did it! It was the best money I have spent on my business this year and I endorse you and your company without hesitation.

Gary – feel free to use my name as a reference and until the next time we have you out here – keep up the good work!”