Real Estate CRM Coaching/Training

Did you just get your CRM and now you’re sitting there staring at it wondering what to do next?


Have you had your CRM for a while, done nothing with it, and now you’re still sitting there staring at it?

There are a LOT of people who do not like reading training documentation, watching videos, or participating in user groups. They learn faster and easier if someone walks them through it one-on-one. That’s where Real Estate CRM coaching comes in!

This is where my background comes into play for Real Estate CRM Coaching.

  • VP of Customer Success with Realvolve CRM
  • Retail Management
  • Computer Operations ManagementReal Estate CRM Coaching
  • Production Management
  • Computer Operations Support Manager
  • RE/MAX Agent closing almost 50 sales/yr. with an assistant and a buyer’s agent
  • RE/MAX Regional Roving Technology Consultant to 90 offices and 1,800 agents
  • Author “Choosing and Using a CRM”
  • Author and teacher of broker level credit courses in real estate technology
  • Founder/President – RE-ACT,LLC since 1999

It’s a lifetime mix that produces a perfect recipe for operations management and getting you organized and systematized with Real Estate CRM Coaching.

  • Spend a half hour or two with me for your Real Estate CRM coaching, learning the basics of your CRM. Learn how to get started getting your contacts set up and categorized properly and/or maybe learn the basics of activity plans
  • Meet weekly to learn more, and allow yourself to be pushed, through accountability, to make your CRM a habit
  • Meet weekly for an hour or two until you are done mastering your CRM and developing a full compliment of Prospecting, Listing, Closing, and post Closing follow-up plans.
  • $150/hour for a single hour. If you are going to require multiple hours or long term commitment, we can discuss the rate.
  1. Everyone has different needs. I am frequently asked by people who are about to purchase a CRM, “So how do I get started”. Many licensees are purchasing CRM Software because they have toThey realize they need to get themselves better organized, so they are forcing themselves to do it with a Real Estate CRM. Then they sit there staring at it wondering where to start. I can help with that. If that’s what you need, I’m here for you.
  2. Another kind of agent is the one who is excited about implementing a CRM software product, but they can never seem to get the time to do anywhere near what they wanted to do with it. When you have a weekly hour long appointment made with another person, a coach, then you are forced to do it. You commit to that time, and THAT works! Accountability works! Real Estate CRM Coaching provides accountability.
  3. Ultimately, if you have a powerful CRM and if you truly want to take advantage of its capabilities, we can start by learning the software if that is necessary, or we can jump straight into implementing a system that will make your business life so much easier you will not believe it. If you want to implement prospecting, listing, closing, and post closing plans, you may want to purchase Trans-Plans, & Dave Beson’s Letterwriter. It would cost more in my time to create it all from scratch than it would if you purchased them. Trans-Plans will install automatically in IXACT Contact and WiseAgent. Dave Beson’s products will install into even more programs. If you have a different CRM, we will just key them in one by one, together, or as “homework”.

green checklistIf #2 is what you’re looking for, that might look something like:

  • We make two lists of what you already know you want to accomplish, short term and/or long term
  • We make two lists of what I think you should add to your lists
  • We add what you want from my list to your list
  • We meet when you need to, for as long as you need to

If #3 is the direction you want to go, then what follows is a sample of some of what you can accomplish. You choose!

So what would it look like if you were to get truly organized?

  • The ability to walk in in the morning to an automatically generated list of to-do’s, calls, and mailings, insuring that no routine detail with any listing or closing, falls through the cracks.
  • This allows for quicker and easier training of assistants, and no-one being irreplaceable.  Do you have an in-office Conveyancer, or other people that do some of the work for you a la carte?  What happens when they leave, or something happens to them?  Using your own system ensures that the fate of your business will not be in your head, or anyone else’s.  Your entire operation will run what you do, and monitor what others do for you. This is the only way you can have complete control of your business!
  • This helps to establish your business as a turn-key operation for anyone wanting to purchase it in the future.
  • Print all the form letters follow-ups and thank you’s due out that day, with one click of a button
  • E-mail all your listing and closing communications with one click
  • Automatically generate reports detailing your efforts to all of your clients with a few clicks.
  • Generate a report for your listing appointments and initial buyer consultations that shows your prospective clients exactly what it is that you will be doing for them, and give them the comfort of showing them proof positive of your organization, and professionalism.