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They are referred to by many names. Real Estate Customer Relationship Management, Client Management, Contact Management, Contact Managers, CMS, CMR, Real Estate CRM,  Real Estate Sales Tracking or Database Managers.

There are dozens of Real Estate CRMs here but only a few are likely to be close to the right fit. Following are several ways to narrow down your search with some CRM selection advice. The easiest way of course is to contact me! But if you want to do your research/due diligence – here you go!

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Free CRM Selection Advice

Complete a Real Estate CRM Questionnaire

Answer these questions and I will either respond with the ones that best suit your needs based on your answers, or I will call you with more questions. Either way you’ll be closer to figuring out which one is right for you.

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Real Estate CRM – Residential

We’re all special aren’t we? This is a list of all the Real Estate CRMs with only a brief description and who it is best suited for. There is no one best CRM. Everyone has different needs. Find one that sounds right and click on the More Information button on the right to go to the full detail page.

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The Short List

Gary’s Favorite Real Estate CRMs

They can’t all be the best! This is a small selection of the real estate CRMs I considers to be the best ones based on Features, Support and Stability

CRMs selections out of Business

Real Estate CRMs Out of Business!

Why take up space for Real Estate CRMs that you can’t get? So you know you can’t get them! I’ve found that some people are looking for something that is no longer available so you can find that out here.

CRM selection Discount

Real Estate CRMs – Discounted

For most of the CRMs on this site I have negotiated some kind of special offer. It could be the price itself, an extended trial period, or free inclusion of my Trans-Plans Emails Campaign. For the few with no discounts or benefits, it is because that CRM will not extend any discounts or special terms for anyone. So the bottom line is that there is nowhere else you can get a better deal on any Real Estate CRM that is on this site. Guaranteed!