Far More Than Just a List of Real Estate CRMs for Sale

Let’s start with the premise that there is no best Real Estate CRM, because everyone has different needs. You have essentially three choices when you’re looking for Real Estate CRM software online.

1) There are the Real Estate CRM vendors’ sites themselves. Obviously they are going to recommend theirs because it’s the only product they have. CRM Checklist redYou certainly can’t blame them for trying to sell their product, but one size does not fit all.

2) There are a a few different kinds of sites that sell selections of Real Estate CRM software. A couple even have someone you can talk to about them. Here are some thoughts though.

  • If they are recommending a lot of generic CRMs and not Real Estate specific CRMs, how much if anything do they know about Real Estate agents using CRM software?
  • Ask them if they have ever been an agent and used Real Estate CRM software.
  • Are they familiar with all of the best options among the dozens of Real Estate CRMs that are available?
  • Ask them if they have ever been a top producing agent, not just had a license.

So how can they tell you what is best for you?

My opinion, formed as an agent starting in 1987 and watching and using them since then, is that generic CRM software wastes your time in many ways. For 99.0% of Real Estate agents, a CRM built for Real Estate is going to be much easier to learn and use than a generic CRM. If that were not true, I would sell many of the generic CRMs as well. For more on this topic please read this excerpt from my book.

3) Then there is this site. Several different kinds of Real Estate specific software with in-depth reviews and information about each one. I used to have dozens of CRMs on this site. What remains are the tried and true, stable, well supported ones. My favorites. I have personally spent hundreds of hours since 1999 interviewing the CEO’s and developers of 30 different real estate CRMs, to understand them and create these reviews. Additionally there are tools to learn about CRMs in general as well as many other benefits here. All about Real Estate CRM!

This site has been dedicated to being the most comprehensive Real Estate CRM site in the world since 1999.

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