Meet Gary

“Exceeding expectations has always been my goal. Integrity, honesty, and added value may be clichés, but that’s how I’ve always worked. My first significant job as a teenager was a manager at Sears. Their motto was ‘Satisfaction Guaranteed or your money back’. I have carried that concept through anything I have ever done and as a result, have been rewarded with a loyal customer and referral base. Nothing is more gratifying than getting a call from someone with whom I worked 15 years ago.” 

“Your professionalism is outstanding. I am very impressed by your willingness to ‘Make Things Right’. It is rare in today’s world. I would love to continue some sort of business with you as you have earned my trust. You must have similar standards to mine and the Core Values I live by. There should be more people like you out there.”

Meet Gary David Hall

Before anything else, if you want to know about me, you have to know that my daughter Sarah is the most important person in my life. The other leading lady in my life is Dawn. Leave me at the lake houses at Wallenpaupac with these two and I’m in my special place that I cherish most. Oh and if I may interject – Sarah does destination wedding photography. Check out her site at .

Sarah and Gary

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Gary David Hall became a Real Estate Agent in 1987, and has been in the industry ever since. He has been in the trenches, and speaks your language.  Gary’s clients often qualify him as being able to teach so that they understand, without a lot of technical jargon.  He knows exactly what it’s like to sell a lot of Real Estate, and that is why his training is so relevant and insightful. Just ask his clients. His last four years in Real Estate Sales, Gary brokered 147 transactions and was on track for 60 in his last year with a team of three.  Having just come from a background as a computer technician and then a computer operations manager, he was able to put many automated systems into practice.  When it became evident that the industry needed the technological efficiency he used in his personal business, he decided to share that knowledge with other real estate professionals.  He founded RE-ACT, LLC (Real Estate Automation, Consultation and Training) in 1999.

Despite having a very successful and growing real estate career, Gary’s true passion is teaching. His primary focus is helping agents and teams utilize CRM and Operations Management to improve their transaction management, lead generation, and follow-up efficiency. He is affiliated as a reseller for over 30 different products. He has traveled the country conducting technology and CRM seminars comprised of the many topics for which agents have a need for more clarity.  Most recently, Gary is sought after by associations and varying groups for his webinars on CRM.

While you can still bring Gary to your office for Real Estate Operations Management to help you organize your operations with CRM software, he has been having great success doing it online while screen sharing.  He is also available for any other kind of training or troubleshooting online as well.




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Founder/Owner: October 1999 – Current
RE-ACT, LLC – Real Estate Automation, Consultation, and Training

VP of Customer Success: December 2015 – April 2019
Realvolve, LLC – CRM and Transaction Management Software
Fourth person in on this SAAS Startup. Created and staffed Technical Support Department. Maintained a 100% CSAT.
Then created training and workflow for on-boarding new customers.

Real Estate sales associate: 2011 – 2014
RE/MAX Real Estate in Warrington

Real Estate CRM/Contact Management Broker/Reseller

Author, Industry Expert Speaker – Trainer – Consultant – Columnist. See Services.


Staff Technology Instructor – December 1999 – May 2008
Polley Associates Real Estate Education

State certified instructor, teaching various MCE classes and others. To date Gary has taught these courses to thousands of agents in the Newtown Square, Blue Bell, Southampton, Villanova, and Lionville areas.

Courses taught:

  • Win-Win Negotiating Skills
  • The Real Estate Technology Survival Kit (Author)
  • Real Estate for Boomers and Beyond
  • The Consumer and You
  • Caught on Camera:  Anti -Trust in the 21st Century
  • The Green Future
  • Putting Consumers Interest First (2006 Edition)
  • Slaying Dragons – Earning Consumer Trust with Better Client Service
  • Helping Consumers Win in a Changing Market
  • Accredited Seller Representative Designation Course
  • Real Estate Agent’s Technology Toolkit
  • RECS(Cyberspace Society Designation Course – Author))
  • Using Technology to Serve Consumers
  • Stefan Swanepoel’s “e-Buyer”
  • Putting Consumer’s Interests First
  • Real Estate for Senior Citizens
  • Better Safe
  • The Fungus Among Us
  • Legal Issues and Act 112/47
  • Real Estate Fundamentals
  • Real Estate Practice
  • Exam Prep

Roving Technology Consultant – March 1998 to November 1999
RE/MAX of Southeastern Pennsylvania and Delaware, Inc.

Responsibilities included:

  • Consulting/training over 1,800 brokers, agents, and assistants in 93 offices
  • Taught over 30 kinds of software, time management through technology, and agent recruiting to brokers, at office meetings, small groups, and on a one-on-one basis throughout Southeastern PA and DE.
  • Design of Regional Power Point presentations, promotional fliers, and Market Share bar charts.
  • Preparation of content, and primary speaker at Internet and New Agent Orientation breakfast and luncheon seminars in hotels and country clubs throughout the region.
  • Hosting at conventions, board picnics, sales rallies, and charity cruises, etc.
  • Recruited and organized eighty Realtor volunteers to crew on RE/MAX Magellan Hot Air Balloon at Hershey Balloon Fest in PA, to include liaison to Hershey Park “Balloon Meister”, Magellan pilot, photographer, hotel, etc.

Community Sales Manager – 1997
A.P. Orleans

Responsible for sales and management of Newtown Ridge, new construction homes. Interfaced with construction superintendent, project manager, and corporate sales manager in sales and marketing of the community.

Technology Consultant/Operations Manager – 1996
Craig Lerch, Jr., Coldwell Banker Poquessing

Craig was the number one agent in Philadelphia from 1989 – 1996. 140 transactions in 1996. Automated the office with respect to tracking and follow-up for all listings and sales. Responsible for significant increase in client satisfaction and retention due to implementation of these systems. Designed: spreadsheet for tracking of all agent’s commissions; various forms used throughout the office; marketing and promotional materials; buyers handbook; sellers handbook; and form letters to clientele. Self-taught several major software applications, incorporated them into the business, and trained agents and staff on same. Worked with the designer/owner of SOAR MLS Automation Software to establish working version for TReND MLS.

Mortgage Loan Originator – 1995
PNC Mortgage
Solicited mortgage leads from real estate agents and past clientele for the purpose of mortgage loan origination. Approached by Craig Lerch as a result of prior resume activity.

Sales Associate – 1987 – 1994
RE/MAX Action Realty and Janet Pool Associates

Last six years with RE/MAX. Approximately 147 transactions in the last 4 years. Majority of activity was residential resale. Site sales representative for various new construction communities while with Janet Pool Associates.

Operations Manager and Production Manager – 1984-1986

Modern Marketing

Managed two departments with 25+ employees. Computer operations manager and electronic print production manager.  A small company of 100+ people, was one of five awarded a national group of contracts based on USPS performance evaluation of a given project in 1986.

Prior experience includes: Computer technician, retail sales and management, whole life insurance sales, and USAF Cryptographic Electronics Technician with Top Secret Security Clearance.

Background in Contact Management and CRM

Ongoing contributor to online communities since 1999, to include, Real Talk, e-PRO Talk, Stephan Swanepol’s Real Blogging, several Facebook Groups, Several Google+ Communites, Active rain, and many others.

1987 – 1993 – Residential Real Estate Sales. Closed 147 transactions

1988 – Investigated Howard & Friends and Real Estate Specialist (RES). Both of which were DOS based at the time. Started using Real Estate Specialist for his business. Created listing and closing transaction plans and letters and follow-up campaign letters in RES. E-mail did not yet exist in common use

1989 – Top Producer released – also DOS. Started tracking its features but stayed with RES

1991 – Started hosting round table discussions on Contact Management at the invitation of the local boards

1992 – Agent Office released. Started tracking its features but stayed with RES

1992 – Started using Outlook

1994 – Left sales to create a team and automate the office’s top producing agent using RES.

1995 – Became a mortgage loan originator and used an industry specific CRM

1996 – Automated #1 agent and staff in Philadelphia using Agent Office to organize prospecting, listings, closings, and post closing follow-up for 140 transactions that year.

1997 – Became a new construction salesperson and used their industry specific CRM

1998 – Became RE/MAX regional roving technology consultant. Trained agents on Agent Office and Top Producer, as well as other technology related training

1999 – Hired by Polley Associates Real Estate school to teach Real Estate specific technology. Discussed and polled use and opinions of Contact Management and CRM with over 10,000 agents over the next 10 years

1999 – Founded RE-ACT – Real Estate Automation, Consultation and Training, allowing the following to happen…

2001 – Wrote original Online Agent versus Top Producer article, read by many thousands of agents, and was one of the most popular pages on this site for many years

2003 – Various articles for Realty Times Magazine about Contact Management and CRM

2004 – Interviewed by Jack Peckham for RECS Radio about CRM

2005 – e-PRO Certified Trainer

2006 – Elected to CyberGuru Hall of Fame – Real Estate CyberSpace Society

2007 – Author and Certified instructor for the 2 day RECS Designation Course

2008 – Guest speaker at CyberProfessionals Conference in Pittsburgh

2008 – Invited to write article for Arizona Association of Realtors Magazine

2009 – Interviewed for VA Association of Realtors Magazine – July/August 2009 Issue – “Kill Your Rolodex”
2009 – Interviewed by Kathy Googenour – LeadBooster Club
2009 – Created Considerations when choosing a Real Estate Contact Manager or CRM.
A 60 minute Power Point Presentation,prepared for the Real Estate Cyberspace Society’s 2009 Cyber Convention

2012 – – Technology eSummit – Webinar – Top 10 CRM Features You Should Look For
2013 – Point2 Success Series Webinar – Tips to Better Use CRM’s to Generate and Cultivate Leads
2013 – Real Estate Dominance Webinar for Online – Top 10 things to look for in a CRM.
2013 – Salt Lake Board of Realtors Webinar – How to pick a CRM.

Used ACT! for one year

Used Agent Office for three years

Used Advantage xi for seven years

Currently using Leading Agent

Trained hundreds of agents individually in person and online on Agent Office and Top Producer

Created 10 hour class on Agent Office. Trained hundreds of agents in groups in online 2 hour/week interactive classes using GoToMeeting for two years.

Created Agent Office Training CD based on the experience gained in the online training classes

Has been speaking with thousands of agents over the last 10 years about their usage of Contact Management and CRM with regards to what they have used in the past, what they liked and disliked about each, and found a better product for them if it existed.

Created Trans-Plans Listing and Closing Plans and e-mail/letter Campaigns. They started with Gary’s plans from RES, then Agent Office, and then were improved and expanded during Tech Speedconsultations with agents and teams in the US and Canada over the next 8 years.

Conducted minimum 3 – 5 hour interviews with developer/CEO’s of more than 30 Real Estate specific CRM’s to create the Real Estate CRM Matrix. In these interviews, Gary examined their product in great detail to list which of the 350 features in the Matrix their product had. As compensation for their time, Gary consulted with them to help the improve their product.

Consults to several of the company’s developers on a fee basis to help them improve their product on an ongoing basis

Gary was the ONLY person/company authorized by Top Producer® to sell both their product, and AgentOffice®, their primary competitor, until 2008

Has been the answer man for Contact Manager and CRM questions since 1998 on Real Talk, followed by e-Pro, and then blogging on Active Rain and Stefan Swanepoel’s Real Blogging, as well as many other Internet forums

Moderator for the Top Producer user group on Yahoo.

Creator and Moderator of the user group for Advantage Xi on Yahoo.

Started reselling Agent Office in 2004, then Top Producer, then most of the rest of the 30 some odd available. Have been speaking with agents, teams, and brokers every day, one on one, about their experiences with a wide range of products, as well as their needs, preferences, likes, and dislikes, ever since.

Gary is the person of choice for many coaches around the USA and Canada to refer their clients to for Contact Management and CRM questions and solutions.

CRM Guru

See what others are saying about Gary David Hall

“Gary is the guru for all things real estate CRM. There is probably no one on the planet more knowledgeable than him on this subject.”

“The supreme high Poo-Bah for CRMs is Gary David Hall – his website is a treasure trove of info.”

“You would do well to connect with Gary David Hall, in my mind the foremost expert on all things CRM.”

Gary, I can’t thank you enough for helping me understand the role technology would play in increasing my sales and systems. The time that you spent pulling all the loose ends together for me, and explaining and simplifying it all has proven to be invaluable. I have gone from throwing internet leads in the trash, to being the first one to respond. The familiarity that you have with the products real estate professional’s use, helps what was once overwhelming become fun and exciting. Thanks again.

“I am so thankful that I found out about your Tech-Speed program. It was the answer to my Team’s flagrant offensive of purchasing technology, installing software, and then not spending any time or resources on training and integration.

Your approach, with a hands-on and on-site visit is in my opinion the ONLY ONE that works. Classes don’t. Books don’t. Tutorials don’t. You showed my team and myself how to do and why we ought to do it. It was the best money I have spent on my business this year and I endorse you and your company without hesitation. 

Gary – feel free to use my name as a reference and until the next time we have you out here – keep up the good work!”

We thoroughly enjoyed the classes you held at our office. Both the agents and I felt the material presented was of a significant value and will help us in our day-to-day work activities. Being more efficient and managing time effectively will only continue to grow in importance in our industry. Having a knowledge of and being able to use technology is an absolute must in today’s business world.

I especially appreciated that fact that you took the time to present an outline to me prior to the class so that we could custom-tailor it to our agents. So many times people take classes where the speaker / teacher never investigates the level of sophistication of his or her students and consequently a significant amount of time is wasted going over items in which the students are already proficient. The agents also appreciated you allocating time for their questions both during and at the conclusion of the class.

Bringing educators like you into an environment like ours provides tangible evidence of the value we as owners and managers provide our associates. As you know, both classes you gave were complete sell-outs with waiting lists. I am looking forward to having you back soon!