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Customer Relationship Management  software is a big decision. Shouldn’t it be a well informed one? Here you can learn what features exist in CRMs and how to use them. Compare CRMs and their features and learn how to pick one.

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You have needs and considerations that single agents don’t. That means additional and different questions to help you find the right CRM for you. I will start with the people you have on your team, the roles they play, and the aptitudes of each. If you have a rainmaker distributing leads, then lead assignment and follow-up is another conversation you will have. One of the toughest aspects of getting a CRM for a team or brokerage is adoption. It doesn’t do you any good to find the right CRM if no one wants to use it, so you will discuss adoption techniques as well. If you’re a broker, the whole concept of getting one CRM for everyone is a conversation you should have. There are pro’s and con’s to that concept as well as who pays for each license and could you just promote a CRM and incentivize adoption. It’s a big decision and you want to try to make it only once by getting it right the first time.

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Email’s, Letters, Activity Plans, Post Cards, Blog Content, Transaction Follow-up and more.

This site is about helping agents, teams and brokers decide which Real Estate CRM Software is right for you, and then helping you implement it if desired. They are referred to by many names. Real Estate Contact Management, Real Estate Customer Relationship Management, Client Management, Contact Management, Contact Managers, CMS, CMR, Real Estate Sales Tracking, Sales Management, Marketing Management, BPM, Business Process Management, or Database Managers. Call them what you will, they are tools to help you provide better service to your clients, follow up with contacts, get more referrals, market to your database, manage transactions, reduce your stress, make you a better Realtor®, and gain the respect of your peers. 

When I started in 1987 the term CRM was never used in real estate. Everyone called them Contact Managers. I started using and promoting the term CRM years ago, and now it’s morphing again. Many want more than just a CRM. More attention is being paid to Activity Plans. CRMs are specializing more than they were and one of the trends is towards Workflows, which are the new and improved Activity Plans. And it seems that the term Workflow may not last long as I have seen the term Process Management being more commonly used and it is probably a more apt term. The upshot is that it is getting faster and easier to automate the processes in your business, and not to do it is to concede business to those who do, not to mention those guys having more time for golf.

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The goal of this site is to be a tool for anyone looking for their first Real Estate CRM, considering a move to another one, or needing help with what you have. Research to your hearts content and when you’re ready to trial or purchase a Real Estate CRM, do it here with confidence.

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