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Regardless of what software company it is, you should never hold your breath waiting for a software release, based upon when it was supposed to come out.  They make their best projections, and sometimes it happens; sometimes it doesn’t.

You should also, as a general rule of thumb, not install upgrades for any kind of software until they have been out for a while. It’s always a good idea to let the people who do not subscribe to this ‘rule of thumb’, be the guinea pigs. The caveat to that is if you really need what the upgrade offers right now. Wanting to get Agent Office but having a Vista OS would be a perfect example J Having Agent Office and needing to upgrade to Vista, would be another. Sometimes it’s unavoidable.

That said, Agent Office is scheduled to release it’s Vista compatible version, Version 10.0, on July 2nd for download, and a week or two later on a CD. Aside from a few cosmetic changes, the only significant difference will be compatibility with Vista. So what does that mean? Yes it is called Version 10.0. No it is not beneficial to get the upgrade unless you are planning on upgrading, or have upgraded, to Vista.

•1)       If you bought Agent Office, or the upgrade, after July of last year, you are entitled to a free download of the ‘patch’ that is Version 10.0 from their Web site, when it is released – projected to be July 2nd.

•2)       If you would like a CD of the upgrade, which you do not need, it will cost $29.95 for materials and shipping.

An interesting outgrowth of this patch being made available online for download, is that from that date forward, I will be able to fill your orders for Agent Office or the upgrade, as a download, as opposed to being shipped a CD. The price will remain the same at $329 for the download, but there would be no shipping costs or taxes, and you would not have to wait to receive it.

Top Producer 7i recently announced the ability to synch with Windows and Blackberry based PDA’s. Although the ability to synch with the PDAs exists, there are some carriers that did not afford the ability to do so. One was Bell Mobility. Official confirmation has been received from Bell Mobility that they now support direct TCP and therefore Bell customers are now supported with the Top Producer for BlackBerry product.

Top Producer 7i Outlook Connector (TPOC) is an add-in component for your desktop version of Microsoft Outlook. The TPOC allows you to use Outlook rather than My Email as your primary email application while maintaining the ability of creating connections between email messages and contact records (that is, maintaining email messages in a contact’s history).

TPOC had been limited to use with Outlook 2003. Top Producer 7i has just announced that Outlook Connector now works with Outlook 2007.

Q: What is the price of the TPOC? Retail Price: $149.00 (one time fee)
Q: Is there a cost associated with the upgrade? No.
Q: Do existing customers need to upgrade to the new version of the TPOC? No. However if a customer is running Microsoft Vista or upgrades to Outlook 2007, they will be required to download and install the latest version of the TPOC.
Q: Will the old and new version of the TPOC be available going forward? No. Only the latest version of the TPOC will be available for download going forward.  The latest version of the TPOC supports all the same versions as before in addition to MS Vista and Outlook 2007.


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