Agent Office Compatibility – Version 10.0

have had people ask me what ‘Vista’ is, so I’ll start out by saying it is the Windows Operating System (OS) which succeeds Windows XP.

AgentOffice has just released Version 10.0.

99.9% of the difference between Version 9.x and Version 10.0 is Vista compatibility.  The other .1% is aesthetics. By the latter I mean the icons on the top of the screen are a different color and slightly different design. I wouldn’t call them better, just a different look. You also have the option of choosing the background color, and/or placing an image in the background, like you can on your Windows desktop. That’s it.

If you have Version 9.x, you are entitled to a free download of the “Upgrade” or “Version 10.0.” If you have a version prior to 9.x, you must purchase the upgrade for $169, to have Vista compatibility. That price is a sale price, down from $229, and was supposed to end at the end of June, but has been extended through July.

The download is actually the entire program, as is all their upgrades. It is a 210MB file, which is quite large by anyone’s standards. That said, with the slowest FIOS, it took me about 5 minutes to download it. With Cable or DSL, it would take a few minutes more.

There is not really any significant reason to download the upgrade, unless you have, or plan on getting, a Vista OS computer.   To download V10, you need to already have Version 9.x. If you go to the following link, you can download it from there. You will also need to call call FNF at 800.996.6546 to get an install code. The order in which you do it does not really matter, but you will need the install code to complete the installation of the upgrade.   If you would like a CD, which contains the same thing, you can order it for $29.95 plus S & H.

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