Busy month! Now affiliated with Tribus CRM!

I was a little behind and am now catching up. I have been wanting to affiliate with several companies for a while now and this is one of them.

Tribus CRM is great for a large team or brokerage. Their target market is for users doin gover $10 million in volume. I’ve spoken at great length with the CEO’s and developers of the vast majority of the Real Estate CRMs on the market. Most of them have someone in the organization who has spent at least some time as a real estate agent. One of the two principals of this one has been a broker/owner with a large office. You can tell. The way this one was developed is clearly from one who understands the business very well from the ground up. There are many features I like about this, but one that was telling was that he addressed the “How do I get my agents to really use this” question. Every broker knows the pain of agent adoption of the solutions they try to implement. This one has an answer built in.

One of the primary reasons I like it is its extreme customizability. If you focus on a niche market like REO’s, Short Sales, Foreclosures, etc., you can easily mold this to your needs. It’s like SalesForce or Propertybase in that respect, but at a lower price, and created from the start for use in real estate.

This product is not cheap, but it’s worth it if you understand ROI. If you want to spend as little as possible, this one is not for you. If you want to make an investment into the future of your production as an agent, or into the company as a broker, this is a bargain.

I do webinars for different organizations around the country on the topic of the latest trends in Real Estate CRM. Tribus is right there on all the points I make in that webinar, and has set a couple new ones I will speak about in the future. They are cutting edge, not bleeding edge, the former being the best way to be.

If you’re a power user of Tribus CRM doing $10 million or more, feel free to leave a comment.

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