Call Support!

I’ve written about this before but it’s worth repeating because I just had someone email me who is trialing two CRMs I suggested to him. He liked one better than the other but he asked me for another recommendation because the one he liked didn’t synch with Google. But it does! He was ready to give up on one he liked because it didn’t do one thing he wanted it to do. Maybe understandable but, he didn’t take the time to confirm with support that it did indeed not do it! Say that three times fast.

You need to call support!

Many agents trial CRMs much too quickly. They don’t understand that they need to spend the time necessary to truly give it a chance. That’s easier to understand if it was one that they picked out of a hat. But remember, if you spend a fair amount of time trying to find one and it is recommended by me or someone whose opinion you respect, give it a fair effort.

Make a list of the things you want it to do that you think it cannot. Then call support and find out. Don’t assume because you can’t figure it out that it can’t be done. OK? Have a positive attitude and don’t give up too quickly!

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