Welcome to my new web site!

Well it’s finally here! The phrase labor of love comes to mind. Rebuilding my site has been due for a while. Although I have been adding content over the years, the navigation has needed help for a while. Also, I’ve been wanting to expand the scope and depth of the reviews on the products, which I have done. Additionally,  I added a forum for each product so people can express their views. Please include how long you have been using the CRM. If your opinion is based on reviewing/trialing it as opposed to having used it for an extended period of time, please state as much so people can better understand your frame of reference.

Now – whether you knew my old site or this is your first time here, I would love to hear from you. Please use this blog to make suggestions, point out typos, broken links, or whatever comes to mind. If you must say something nice, go ahead. I can take it.

But please – say something…

We’ve come a long way since 1999

I just stumbled across what I think is my very first attempt at a web site in 1999. I built it entirely in HTML one line at a time. The Wayback Machine used to  have what I thought was my first attempt but this one pre-dates it. Many thanks to Philanet. Click here for a laugh.