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Wise Agent CRM is probably one of the top three or four selling Real Estate CRMs on the market. Between Wise Agent, Top Producer , IXACT Contact, and Realvolve, they could be said to make up the vanilla – chocolate – strawberry choices in the Real Estate CRM world. They all have the basic features that everyone needs and they all have a different look. Beyond that they each have their own unique features or features they do better than their peers. With Wise Agent you want to take a look at the Partners and see if there are products listed that you would like to integrate with your CRM. Wise Agent has more of them than anyone. If you’re into transaction management, Wise Agent has a little bit different way of doing that that some people tend to like. It’s a combination of a list and a dated reminder system. Another thing a lot of people like is their call list which I give Best in Class. So if you’re into a lot of calling and like it well organized – check out Wise Agent.

I have to give Wise Agent Best in Class on their tech support. I do follow-ups with my CRM customers. One of my customers recently said “Wise Agent has the most responsive help desk of any product, of any kind, that I have ever had.” This is a typical response to my Wise Agent follow-ups.

If you’re looking at Top Producer, you also need to look at this one.


Wise Agent Vital Statistics:

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Company name: Wise Agent. LLC

Facebook Community

Features: ♦♦♦

Help Section

Out of beta & started selling: 2002

Support: 24/7 Phone and Email

Training: one-on-one live training, 20 minutes

Updates & Fixes: 

What kind of sales is this for?: Residential, Agents, Teams, Brokerages

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3.52 / 5 (48 votes)

CRM Discount

My Trans-Plans Letters* come free when you purchase here. They will be automatically installed with your Wise Agent account.

*This is the letters only and does not include the activity plans themselves


Shown in Dark Blue – 11 colors to choose from (including pink :) Good selection of actions to take from the page. The Call List is a click away and you have your Calendar, To-Do List, and Transactions.


Unique or Notable Features


Wise Agent has excelled in its ongoing addition of partners that very effectively give it a broad range of extra features without them having to add them to the core product. If Wise Agent doesn’t have a feature you want, there may well be a partner that adds it. One example is a feature that is coveted by a relatively small percentage of users and that is the ability to do power phone calling. Since so many don’t care about it, it’s good that it is not already a feature. But if you are one of the ones who want it, just jog over to the partner list and add it in. Pay for what you use, not for what others want to use.

Transaction Management

Unfortunately there are only a small percentage of agents who use their CRM to track listings and closings even though most of them enable you to. Those who do are often excel spreadsheet users prior to getting the CRM. Many people like way Wise Agent does it because it is a hybrid of a checklist, an important date list and the tasks appearing chronologically on a home screen task list for tasks due that day. If you’re one of the smart ones who want to track the myriad of tasks associated with a listing or closing in an organized fashion, Wise Agent attracts people like you.

Mobile Interface

Second only to Top Producer‘s, this is how it should be and will be done going forward. Syncing and mobile applications will soon be a thing of the past in Real Estate CRMs. Viewing the CRM’s web site on your phone in a format that makes it easy to see and use is far superior. The only reason Wise Agent’s is second is because Top Producer has some features to put on the mobile version that are simply not available in Wise Agent. That said, if you don’t need those features, this one is just as good.

Call Log

One of the best out there! And if you want to add the ability to auto-dial from your computer, Wise Agent has a relationship with Phone Burner. And it also lets you automatically leave a pre-recorded message if it gets voice mail. Check out all of the things you can do from the screen!

Wise Agent Complete Call

Wise Agent Edit Call

Lead Management

Support for both email lead capture and API integrations with almost 50 lead sources already set up, and direct integrations with over 30 other sources with instructions for each.

Lead Status by Team Member

See who is making use of those leads you’re giving them as well as many useful statistics. And they have plans to keep growing it’s functionality.

Wiseagent Lead Status Report

Trans-Plans Activity Plans

Wise Agent has formatted Trans-Plans such that all the plans/emails/letters install automatically. All you have to do is start using them!


How does Wise Agent stack up with other popular features?

Buyer Home Search – Buyer preferences for their new home can be entered into the contact record but there is no search function to match them to listings.

E-mail stored with contact record – Outgoing email sent from within Wise Agent is stored with the contact. Incoming is not.

Blast email: Wise Agent has an affiliation with Mail Chimp, Bomb Bomb, and Constant Contact

Email campaign reporting: The reporting is not available internally with Wise Agent but is available through the affiliates.

Capable of building email drip campaigns:

Capable of building activity plans:

Call center: Covered in Unique or Notable Features above

Included template content: A large selection of template emails and letters. Virtually all template emails in any CRMs need a little tweaking to make them fit your personality and market.

Internal email software: No

Lead Capture: They have maybe the best most customizable web form in the industry among the top CRMs making it Best in Class in that regard. It also does email parsing which is the trend in the industry. It does have an open API for any web sites or lead generation sites that will use it to feed leads to Wise Agent for auto-population.

Lead Notification – By email from Wise Agent and also allows for an auto-response to the visitor completing the form.

Lockbox manager: No

New Lead Display – This just got a tremendous upgrade as of this writing – 7/2015. Along with the lead parsing, they have added lead distribution and follow-up tools. You can decide who gets the leads, either to an individual or to a group, based on zip code,  price, or just round robin to all. Then it allows you to assign a contact category, add it to the call list, add an auto-response, or add them to a drip campaign.

Phone/tablet: Covered in Unique or Notable Features above

Social media: Covered in Unique or Notable Features above

Team Capabilities – All you have to do is invite someone else that has Wise Agent and they’re a team member.

If you’re on the fence about it, don’t be bashful. I’ll be happy to do a live online screen sharing demo to show you some of the great features of this CRM. – Gary David Hall


CRM Comparisons

CRM History

Wise Agent’s History

Wise Agent is clearly one of the top Real Estate CRMs in the industry, and one of my favorites. They did an interface (the way it looks) “makeover”  a couple years ago that really made a difference. One of the things I have always liked about them was their ever expanding selection of partners. They have focused on that for many years. With them, they greatly expand the scope of features in their product. They include MailChimp, Docusign and many others.

I have to admit that it is easier for me to like a product when you like the people at the company. I first spoke with Brandon Wise, the founder, many years ago. He and his team have always been one of my favorites to work with. They’re just good people. That doesn’t count for as much as it used to – but it should.


Do a screen sharing session with me and see this product or any others in which you may be interested.


The Get a Free Trial button and the Order button take you to the same place. You start with a 14 day free trial and if you like it you contact them and say sign me up.

You get my Trans-Plans emails and Letters for free. The Trans-Plans Transaction Management activity plans/checklists are available for $99 separately.

Wise Agent is $32.00/ mo. per user $326/yr. but up to five people can log on with one code.

The primary difference between paid multiple licenses and one logon is the ability to set permissions. Permissions gives you the ability to become the “admin” of your account, where you can see and do everything, but are easily able to set permissions restricting access to selected parts of the program for each individual team member.

You are able to set up a total of 5 team members with one log on & no permissions at no extra cost, and can add 5 additional for $32.00 as needed.
Each team member whether set up with or without permissions will be color coded to help easily see what calls, calendar events, or tasks are assigned to them. It is very easy to assign calls, events, & tasks to team members and be able to set up text and email alerts for those events.  You also have the option of narrowing the view at anytime to only see your (or another team members) own calls, events, or tasks.
The 3rd style of team account is linking one account to as many others as needed.  In this case neither party has any access to the other accounts but is easily able to share events, contacts, marketing plans, etc.
Many of their members use a combination of all 3 types of team accounts.

This is a direct link to their site to a page created for me. No promo code is necessary to ensure any benefits provided here.

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