The Pain of Growth. Part 3 of 6

It seems that by and large, nothing significant is accomplished without the pain of stepping outside your comfort zone. It’s no different with CRMs. You currently have methods and procedures in place and they work for you. You’ve reached a level of efficiency, you know what you’re doing and things flow well. But, given that […]

How long does it take to learn a a CRM? Part 2 of 6

The only correct answer to this question is – it depends. But I’ll see if I can narrow it down a bit for you. Generally speaking, if you spend time with your CRM every day for at least an hour first thing in the morning, you should be able to conquer the more simple aspects […]

Why is it so difficult to stay with a CRM? Part 1 of 6

First and foremost is that you need to make CRM a habit. That’s the part where most people fail right from the get go. It’s 32 years that I’ve been in this business and 20 years of selling and coaching people on CRM. I’ve found that there are some consistent reasons why people don’t stick […]

I’m back!!!

After over three years with a startup Real Estate CRM, I’ve decided to change directions and relax a bit. Being in a SAAS startup is a very time and energy consuming effort. I’ve decided to slow down a bit and do what I enjoy most, this web site! I started providing unbiased reviews and consulting […]

How To Use Workflows To Mitigate The Cost Of Hiring A Real Estate Assistant

  This blog post is the 4th in a series of 5 articles demonstrating the impact templates and workflows can have on your real estate business. When you hire your first assistant, you have to train them… Even if you’re lucky enough to find someone with experience, we all do things differently, so you have […]

Are you driving your real estate business with a manual or an automatic?

This blog post is the 1st in a series of 5 articles demonstrating the impact workflows can have on your real estate business. “With workflows as part of your real estate CRM, you can automatically keep the day-to-day details of your operation humming smoothly, dramatically reducing stress and time spent on paperwork to free you […]