IXACT Contact does Social Streaming!

Social Media Lead Generation Made Easy

IXACT Contact integrates with Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. That’s great, but it’s just the start. You can post curated, tagged, current, relevant news and magazine content straight into them automatically, on a schedule, all of which is editable.

This add-on to IXACT Contact completely automates the process. All you do is select and schedule the real estate-related topics you want to post. Social Stream does the rest. It’s like having a social media marketing team working for you, regularly posting exclusive and engaging content from top tier publications.

Social Steam is truly set-it-and-forget-it, taking just minutes to set up. And that includes your very own branded landing page and lead capture form.

Here is where you choose when to post!

Enable content auto select to automatically choose selected content when you don’t have anything queued. Several levels of automation are offered with varying degrees of intervention required. You then see the publishers to choose from. You can brand your posts and even limit how old the articles are!

Here’s the biggy! If someone clicks to Read More, they are taken to a landing page asking for their contact information. This is something most social media posting services do not offer.

…and here are some sample posts

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  1. Dan Byers
    Dan Byers says:

    I have been using Ixact Contact since 2012 and it has been amazing the features and add on’s Ixact has added! They are diffidently in tune with the real estate market and are in the know with what agents are looking for in a CRM. For the serious agent looking for a real estate geared CRM Ixact Contact is well worth a look.


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