IXACT Contact hosts free webinar by Greg Herder

IXACT Contact is hosting a free webcast by Greg Herder, whom you probably heard of from Hobbs-Herder.

The topic is The Future of Real Estate Marketing. You need to register to attend. From IXACT Contact:

“This powerful one-hour webcast is brought to you by IXACT Contact and Greg Herder Training. This webcast will be held on Thursday, May 14th * 11 am EDT * 10 am CDT * 8 am PDT

Greg Herder explains the secrets to digital farming and shares the 3 fundamentals to real estate marketing you must grasp in order to succeed in the digital world.

There is a sea change happening that is transforming the future of real estate marketing. It’s called digital farming. It’s creating a targeted farm of people that you touch “digitally” consistently over time in a variety of different digital media. By and large, this revolution is being led by the new breed of young agents who are rejecting the old school sales oriented methods taught by old school brokers who do not think digitally.

Unfortunately, this new breed of agents are “eating the lunches” of many seasoned brokers and agents who are experiencing a rude awakening and are being shocked about how much and how fast things are changing around them. In this one-hour webcast, renowned real estate marketing expert Greg Herder shows you how you can fight back and gives you simple, step-by-step action items you can take right now to start harnessing the power of digital farming.

Find out more or register by going here.

For a special extended 60 day trial of IXACT Contact (their trial is 35 days) click here.

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