Making a CRM a Habit

Do you really want to get used to using a CRM and reap the benefits? Then you must do the following. No exceptions. No excuses.

This post is not for everyone. If you are the type that loves going into software and playing then you probably don’t need this. But if you’re like the other 70 or 80% who absolutely do not, then you need to do this. If you’re the one that is getting a CRM because you know it’s the smart thing to do, but you really don’t want to do it, then this is for you. And read the other post too :)

I wrote about this a few months ago here. I wanted to add one thing that I did not make clear before with regards to making an hour each day to learn the CRM. I think I left out a very important perspective. You must spend an hour a day every day in the beginning. Why? Because using the CRM has to become a habit and habits are formed with repetition. This is so important! As I say in the other article, after a while it will not feel like you’re forcing yourself to go into the CRM and use it. You will be living in it. BUT – you can’t get there if you don’t make it a habit by using it every day in the beginning when it is new and painful. Have a closing on Friday? Need to get to that very early? Get up an hour earlier and work on the CRM. Really. We’re talking about ten or twenty hours. Two to four weeks. Every day – first thing in the morning. It’s not forever. It will just seem like it.

You have to do this daily thing until you find yourself going into it all the time. That’s when you can stop doing the hour first thing in the morning. Until then – form the habit!


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