Mobility with your CRM. Part 4 of 6

One of the biggest misconceptions when people consider a CRM is that they will be tied to their computer. 

This may have been the case some years ago but at this point, most real estate CRMs have a mobile version.

The mobile CRM versions don’t do everything the desktop versions do, but they shouldn’t. Some people love to do a lot on their phone and that’s fine. But consider that at Phone consultingsome point doing some things on your mobile phone takes longer than doing them on the desktop. For instance, creating a template email in your CRM on your mobile device would take much longer than to do it on the desktop. For this reason, no CRM enables creation of email templates on the mobile version. What they do contain is everything you need to be mobile and not tied to your computer.

That said, there is no reason you can’t run your business on the road with the mobile version. Email, appointments, calendar, listing and transaction tasks, all of which can be accomplished on the mobile.

We are approaching a time when mobile versions will allow you to talk to them as you would with an assistant. Asking it what’s next on the schedule, who called, who emailed, just like an assistant. We are already at the point where a CRM is mobile and it will only get better, faster and easier. Check this off the list of reasons why not to get a CRM!

1) Why is it so difficult to stay with a CRM?

2) How long will it take to learn?

3) The pain of growth

4) Mobility with your CRM

5) Where is your business’s information stored?

6) Which calendar should I use?

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