Now affiliated with Top Producer & seven others

I’ve been getting very good feedback for some time now, from my sphere of influence, list-servs, forums, and many others. That’s one of the many reasons I am now affiliated with Top Producer. I’ve been advising people that call me about Contact Management solutions to take a look at TP too many times in the last year or so, not to affiliate with them.

Many of you know me as the ‘Agent Office’ (AO) guy for many years now. I am still affiliated with AO, and still think their product fills a need for many agents. That said, we clearly have a need in this industry for online CRM. Those needs are not currently supported in the same way by AO as they are by TP. While AO can be served online, it is not the same thing. There are obviously other pro’s and con’s for each one. The point is, they are both quality products, but different products, filling different needs for different agents.

I am also affiliated with Real Estate Success Tools (REST), Active Agent for Outlook, AOS, 360 Agent,Realty Juggler, and All Clients. Why did I affiliate with so many different CRM tools? Because I wanted agents that call me for advice about which one to use, to feel comfortable that I can and will advise them as to which one best suits their needs, without bias. I’m affiliated with most of the more popular ones now, and will be with all of them very soon, for that reason. Do you care which house someone buys? No – because you’ll be paid no matter which one they buy! That’s why you can be unbiased about houses, and why I can be unbiased about Contact Management solutions.

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