Realvolve Workflows Define Power

My first CRM in 1988 was Real Estate Specialist. It was DOS!

It had something called Activity Plans, which are a set of automated reminders to do things such as send an email, make a call, send a letter, etc., You can sell a house and start this plan, and the reminders come up on the day that they are due. This was a new concept but as basic as the capabilities of those activities were, I was sold on CRM from that point forward. They transformed my business life and I was hooked. My stress levels dropped off the bottom of the chart and my customer service was consistently top shelf, not to mention things not falling through the cracks any more. Then I found Realvolve. Realvolve Workflows Define Power!

Realvolve workflows define powerNow you have companies like Realvolve taking Activity Plans to the next level – Workflows. Realvolve Workflows Define Power! What’s the difference? Activity plans are simple yes/no reminders. Workflows give you choices about what path to take with that reminder. In other words, they work the way you work.

An Activity Plan puts a reminder on your calendar/to-do list that today is
the day that the mortgage commitment is due on 1313 Mockingbird Lane.

It turns out that you get a call from the lender and they have been declined. In an Activity Plan, all you have is a reminder that the commitment is due. You have to either Complete it or not. The problem is that it is not complete. It requires a different action. It requires a decision.

With a Workflow versus an activity plan, you have options. Realvolve Workflows Define Power

When the activity comes due, it can have several options versus just complete or incomplete. You can click one of the options it presents to send a form email to the client, congratulating them on their mortgage commitment. But in this case, that’s not what you want to do. What you need instead is maybe a different email, a different option. This one allows you to send a different email. This email says, you are sorry they were declined but you’ll be happy to get them on the road to fixing their credit. In a workflow, you can have both of those options available in one activity, with one simple click that sends the appropriate email based on the situation.

In Realvolve’s case there are some other incredibly useful aspects of workflows. Realvolve Workflows Define Power!Realvolve workflows define power

You can have one activity that is a checklist where you can list all the documents you need from someone. The activity keeps coming up until you have checked all of the docs that are due. If they still owe you some docs, an option comes up that will send an email that says you still need the following docs, and it auto-completes the list foryou in the email based on the checklist items that are still unchecked. When the checklist is complete, it offers the option to send a different email thanking them for the docs.

Yet another feature in Realvolve’s workflows is to automatically assign Tags when an activity is complete. This allows you to never forget to change the Tag on someone, from Pending Buyer to Past Buyer for instance.

Incorporated into these workflows is an industry best selection of merge fields for your template emails as well as actually being able to use them in many places within the CRM. You can add a contact name or property address to the title of the Activity instead of it just saying Call him, it would say Call Herman Munster.

Not everyone needs this much power. How much power is it? Do you need it? Let me show you more than just the tip of the iceberg and help you decide if it’s right for you!. Let’s do a demo!

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