CRM Research

This is the section where you can learn more about Real Estate CRMs, what they’re capable of and how to use them better.

CRM Features

What can a CRM do?

Many agents with whom I speak think that a Real Estate CRM is essentially a glorified Rolodex. If that’s all you want it to be, then that’s all it will be for you. But if you’re a good business person, you can and should run your business with it. So what can a Real Estate CRM do besides track your contacts? This is a comprehensive list of the vast majority of features available in Real Estate CRMs.

3d Man Learning Tools

Real Estate CRM Learning Tools

This is a collection of webinars, articles and other tools to help you learn what Real Estate CRM is all about, as well as how to use one better.

3d man webinar


Webinars, Google Hangouts, etc.


Choosing and Using a CRM – a PDF Book

How can you pick a CRM if you don’t know what they are capable of? What kind of CRM would suit you best? I wrote this book primarily to prevent one particular thing from happening. To stop agents from getting a CRM and then finding themselves saying “If I had only known…”.