Servicing your clients better

Here’s a quick idea someone shared with me long ago, which I incorporated into my Trans-Plans workflows.

When you have automated your business with Transaction Management Plans/Workflows/Activity campaigns, it frees you up to be able to service your clients better and faster. One of the things you can do is create an email that gives the client a link to the USPS Change of Address page. Yes they can find that themselves, but how cool would it be if you saved them the trouble? Can you say Perception of Value added service? Make sure to time it right so they get it before they have to do it. Something like…

Dear Client,

I know you’re very busy preparing to move, so I thought I would save you a minute if I could. At some point you will want to change your address with the post office, so here is the link to the USPS Change of Address page.

As always, I’m here for all of your real estate needs!

Best regards,

If you’re using workflows, you can have this go out automatically so you’re servicing your clients better than you used to, but it takes zero time after you initially create the email. Nice huh!


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