Top Producer Announces Mac Compatibility

Top Producer announced yesterday that Mac users are now able to edit letters. It has been capable of editing emails, but not letters, post cards, fliers, or presentations such as CMA’s. So you’ve been able to edit email, now you can edit letters, and the rest is still on the honey-do list.

My first thought was that it was a shame that you still can’t edit the rest. My second thought was that none of the other good CRMs provide a desktop publisher at all, let alone Mac friendly. So basically this puts them even with the rest of the competition on that note, where it was once a con on the pro and  con comparison list.

So from what I’ve seen there is no editor to install as there is for Windows users, so it should be seamless. Apparently the editor for the letters is the same one you use for emails so it should be a piece of cake!

So it’s brand new and all I know at this point is what I have been told. Have anything to add?

IXACT Contact and Apple – a Marriage Made in Heaven!

Mac users check this out! IXACT Contact is one of the few real estate CRM systems that works beautifully with all Apple products. IXACT runs perfectly on the Mac using the Safari browser; it works like a dream on the iPad (and all non-Apple tablets too), and syncs like a pro with the iPhone. What is very important to note is that IXACT Contact is one of the very few products that shares information in Real Time. When you enter information on your phone, into IXACT Contact on your computer, or into Outlook, it immediately appears in the other devices automatically, wirelessly. I have negotiated a 60 day free trial as opposed to the 35 day free trial that you get on their site. For more information, or to sign up for the free trial, please go to I also have about 30 other Real estate CRMs at