Wise Agent adds Email Parsing

This is a biggy! While Wise Agent has enabled addition of new leads through API’s with existing companies and through a Wise Agent generated contact form for your web page, they’ve just added the feature that allows virtually any incoming lead to be auto-populated into it. Lead parsing is that feature and it completes their array of ways to auto-populate new leads into Wise  Agent.

But that’s not the end of it. Along with the lead parsing, they have added lead distribution and follow-up tools. You can decide who gets the leads, either to an individual or to a group, based on zip code,  price, or just round robin to all. Then it allows you to assign a contact category, add it to the call list, add an auto-response, or add them to a drip campaign.

These are two very important features that places WiseAgent firmly in contention with the best Real Estate CRMs in the industry in this context. Here is their video explaining it:

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