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Agentdesks was featured on Inman News today. You can read the article written by Craig Rowe here and it’s also pasted below.

Our personal favorite remarks from the article – “Agentdesks can help you be a more productive agent without having to commit to an enterprise system” and “The learning curve is nil.”

Yes! Improving productivity and in turn increasing sales for real estate agents is our number 1 goal. Download the app on Android or iOS if you haven’t already and tell us what you think! We’re working hard to add advanced functionality and would love to incorporate your feedback.

Key Takeaways

  • Mobile functionality is quickly becoming the default for new real estate software.
  • Simplicity often trumps feature-rich.
  • Consolidation of common functions is a growing trend in software development.

The pitch

Agentdesks is a prospect development app for real estate agents.

Platforms: Android, iOS
Ideal for: All agents looking for a mobile alternative to a full-blown CRM or lead development solution.

Top selling points

  • Agentdesks is as easy to use as your phone contact list.
  • Embedded email allows for quick dispersal of new and current listings to agents and prospects.
  • It rolls out in only a couple of minutes.

Things to consider

This isn’t an acorn-to-oak-tree CRM tool with an array of features or bolt-on integrations. If you need to connect and manage a large number of agents in a single office, other choices are out there.

The close

I suppose you can call this a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) product. I don’t want to, though, because it’s just too practical. Agentdesks can help you be a more productive agent without having to commit to an enterprise system.

Agentdesks starts with your existing phone contact list as well as those you may have in your Gmail account. The software’s interface is as simple as Contacts, Clients and Properties. While it may take a minute to sort through your Contacts to turn them into Clients — then Buyers, Sellers, Investors, Renters or Rental Owners — you’ll find that process can be done as you interact with them on respective deals. Agentdesks developers included Renters and Rental Owners to appeal to global license practices, where one license essentially covers all real estate verticals.

As you interact with clients, Agentdesks encourages you to set reminders, attach them to their listings or buying requirements and also add notes. There’s nothing super advanced here other than its simplicity.

androidaddproperties androidmenu iOScalendar iOSmap

Agents are on their phones constantly, and Agentdesks puts everybody you need to get through your day within thumb’s reach. 

There are also some slick features. New listings that match a buyer’s requirement will automatically attach to that buyer. You can also have a nice view of your listings, from which you can choose to Shortlist or Reject its appeal to your clients.

The Recommend button asks which contacts you think are best suited for a particular listing. Agentdesks’ embedded email client is a very nice touch. You won’t have tap out of the software to send a listing or message to a prospect. All emails, texts and overall activity with a contact or client is recorded under their respective History tab.

There’s also a Reminders tab under each person in your database.

The app is still in its infancy, but it’s ready to use. There are plans for advanced functionality and further categorization of contacts to include vendors, like lenders and handymen.

I hope Agentdesks remains true to the efficiency model that I’ve been horsing around with on my phone. The learning curve is nil. Essentially, Agentdesks has curated a number of disparate actions available on every mobile device, and plugged in your listings to add value. It’s a much more efficient, common-sense approach to mobile real estate business.

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