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There is usually no shortage of phone calls and questions coming from the client just prior to closing. Two things I always tried to accomplish throughout my transactions was to keep the client informed, and to reduce time consuming/unneccessary phone calls to a minimum by doing so. I used a Buyer Preparation Email or letter to accomplish this.

Following is an e-mail/letter that is in my Trans-Plans Listing and Closing Plans. I would send this out about ten days to two weeks prior to closing/settlement.  It’s a template e-mail and like all template e-mails, it can’t be perfect for everyone’s personality and market. But it’s a good start that you can use after you tweak it! Just remove what is not applicable to you and your market, and it should also give you some ideas about what to add that is missing for you.


Settlement day is almost here!  I’m sending this e-mail to recap some details I’ve brought up throughout the process, just in case I missed something, or you’ve forgotten something.  Following is a list of things you must accomplish prior to and on settlement/closing day.  Remember – settlement/closing day is a legal proceeding.  The following items, if not accomplished, CAN prevent settlement/closing from occurring on time.

1)  Remember to bring your drivers license or some type of official photo I.D. to the settlement/closing table with you.

2)  You must have a “Bank” or “Cashiers” check made payable to your title company.  I will call you 3-5 days prior to settlement with the amount you need to bring.

3)  Call the title company and ask them to explain to you your options for “How do I take title to the property?”

4)  You should have a one year PAID homeowners insurance policy by now.  A copy of the “Declaration” page should be faxed to the mortgage company.

5)  Some people have asked me in the past if they needed to be “dressed up”, for settlement.  Absolutely not!  Most people have been and will be moving and getting dirty.  Wear whatever you like within reason.

6)  If you have not already, you will receive a written notice of the time, date, and location of settlement/closing.  I will have discussed this with you by now.

7)  Before settlement/closing, you will do a “Pre-settlement Inspection” at which time you will be checking the home to make sure all the systems are still functional. You will be doing things like opening windows, flushing toilets, checking water pressure and temperature, checking the heat and air conditioning, etc. There is a good likelihood the sellers will not be there.  There will be plenty of time to talk to the sellers during settlement/closing, to learn about the idiosyncrasies of your new home and neighborhood.

8)  Sometimes, due to prior settlements/closings running overtime, there are delays.  Please anticipate that possibility.  Settlement should take approximately 60 to 90 minutes once it starts. Sometimes there are temporary issues that will extend that time. This is not common but it is not unusual either.  If something unforeseen comes up, I will deal with it.  That’s why I’m there.

9)  Make sure all your utilities/services have been turned off where you live now, but make sure they stay on through the day of settlement. Make sure you have started your utilities/services at your new home as of the day of settlement/closing if that is when you intend to move in.  To include: Electric, phone, mail, trash, cable T.V., water, and sewer(sometimes our office will initiate water/sewer if you cannot).

10)  CRITICAL!  Everyone that is on the mortgage must be at the settlement/closing table if prior arrangements have not been made!

Please feel free to call with any questions you may have about anything at all. And please know that it’s normal to be nervous, so that’s OK.  I’m here for you!

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