CRM and selling your business

There are many reasons an agent should have a good CRM, but what is rarely talked about is the role one plays in the sale of your business.

Have you thought about selling your business? Is it in your long term plans? If so, do you have a CRM?

If you don’t, what are you going to sell? A spreadsheet with your  SOI’s basic contact information? Is that good enough for someone contemplating buying your business? It may well be for some, but how much is that worth compared to the alternative?

The whole concept of selling your business takes a concentrated effort to plan for the long term and has a lot to it. There are many factors but one factor is not really debatable; you will garner more interest and better terms if you have a CRM that includes not only the basic contact information., but a long term history of notes about the contact, print and e-mail communications, properties associated with the client, and documentation of your marketing efforts.

If you were buying someone’s SOI/book of business, which would you be willing to pay more for?

If you can easily show in detail, a consistent and organized system of follow-up and marketing, as well as provide a comprehensive view of your history with each contact, you are providing a very valuable asset to an interested party and your negotiating position is far stronger.

There are many agents who do a great deal of business without a CRM, but if they are planning to sell their business, they are in for a rude awakening with regards to the perceived value of it without one.

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