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Although I feel it is my responsibility to counsel agents that they should be using their CRM to truly run many aspects of their business, including transaction management, that is simply not what everyone wants. Maybe you just don’t want something that involved. Many agents I speak with are just tired of following up too late with people, only to find that they have lost out on a potential listing or sale. If that’s your primary pain point and what you want is something to really keep you on top of your prospects and clients, Contactually may well be the tool you’ve been looking for. Contactually  helps you easily organize how and when you want to follow up with people. Then it becomes an in-your-face, “this is what you said you wanted to do now do it” kinda program. It then shows you exactly what you have and have not accomplished. If you want an intelligent automated accountability coach for sphere of influence prospecting and follow-up, you want to check this one out. 

Contactually is one of my favorites in the context of graphic design. It’s just clean and easy to look at. As I’ve said, it is not real estate specific so it doesn’t do anything along those lines. It’s forte is aggregating all of your contacts’ information from email accounts and social media and staying in touch with people.

You’ll like Contactually if you want a regular, systematic, smart, and easy approach to ensure consistent follow up with your prospects, clients, and sphere of influence. It stops people from falling through the cracks and if you use it correctly you should never hear the dreaded “sorry but we already listed with another agent” phone call. And it grades you! If you don’t keep up with your follow-ups, you have an ugly grade staring at you in a prominent part of the home page. It’s like having your parents giving you that nasty look and a… “Shame on you!” It works.

From Contactually: The secret to generating referrals in your network is being able to personally message your contacts at scale. This was our primary focus when we developed our new suite of features that we used to relaunch our platform, affectionately dubbed “Contactually 2.0,” which included content sharing, social personalization, email templates and introductions.  With just a few clicks, Contactually allows you to send introductions to anyone in your network, allowing you to deliver a thoughtful introduction message through your own email. You can now store relevant articles and links and share them within seconds repeatedly with your network. Last, users can create reusable email templates for their frequent business interactions. Thanks to the inclusion of dynamic fields, the templates will automatically populate key personal information such as name, job title and company, drastically reducing the time needed to follow up. All of these features are highly personalized, as they show that you’re in tune with the interests and passions of the people in your network and will help to greatly increase your message’s relevance. Sending personalized one to one messages very quickly at the right time is far more effective than blasting your database with one standardized piece of communication.

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Contactually Vital Statistics:

–Understand these terms–

Out of beta & started selling: 2012

Company name: Contactually, Inc.

What kind of sales is this for?: Not real estate specific – generic CRM


Support: 8:00 – 6:00 EST for phone, email and chat

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Dashboard/Desktop/Home Page

Since Contactually is all about staying in touch with people, that’s what the dashboard focuses on. It works by being in-your-face which is exactly what most of us need. It’s all well and good to be able to search your database to find your hot prospects or past clients to touch them but it’s better if you don’t have to do that search. It’s better if they magically appear as a to-do list that day, complete with showing you how long it’s been since you last spoke with them. It even grades your efforts, or lack thereof. Get an A and watch good things happen!

Contactually Home Page


Unique or Notable Features

Phone/Tablet – As all of the good CRMs are now doing, there is a separate mobile user interface (a way to view it that is different from the desktop view – easier to see and use) designed for your phone. You don’t have to be tied down to your desk to do your job!


Social MediaContactually has a system to gather information to add to your contact better than anyone. If you’re a social media fiend and you don’t care about transaction management and the other features in real estate specific CRMs, this is a must see.

  • Your LinkedIn contacts will be synchronized
  • Facebook friends and conversations will be synchronized
  • Your Twitter conversations will be synchronized

UPDATE – 7/2015 – Facebook and LinkedIn have restricted data access. See this post

Social media interaction

Articles for Sharing – This is an extremely cool feature. You can be on a blog, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. and by using a shortcut on your browsers favorites bar, add the article on the page to Contactually’s content. You can then share with all your contacts or just with specific buckets of people. This is the perfect tool to make it extremely easy to do some very personalized marketing. There is no better kind of marketing and it’s normally harder to do so most agents don’t do it. Now you have no excuse!


Team Capabilities – Monitor your individual and team’s progress when it comes to contact management. See how many contacts each colleague is sharing and how many of them they’ve contacted this week. Contactually makes it easy for you to monitor your team performance and see which relationships in each bucket need immediate attention.

Team Dashboard
Team Dashboard

Email Reporting – Some interesting stuff here. You can track opens, clicks, and replies. Also, you can set it such that if someone does not reply to your email within “X” number of days, that you will be notified that there has been no response. Just another great tool to stop things from falling through the cracks!

Email follow-up and Backend

Intro Maker – Another shiny little tool to save you some time. Say you want to give a client or a vendor someone’s contact information or anything else you want to share. When you open an email to send to someone you click on the Introduce button and you can share information between them quickly and easily.

Contactually IntRo Maker

Contactually Intro Maker 2

Contactually Intro Maker 3

How does Contactually stack up with other popular features?

Phone/Tablet: Covered in Unique or Notable Features

Lead capture: Contactually provides an email parser for email leads. Although they are not specific to real estate, they do provide the ability to automatically add leads from a number of popular real estate lead generation sites including Remax,, Zillow, Trulia,, DiverseSolutions, IDX Broker, and Leads Today.

New lead display: There is no specific place that they are displayed. They can be automatically assigned to buckets as they come in.

Lead notification: In-app notification on lead capture settings page.

Team capabilities: Covered in Unique or Notable Features

Buyer home search: Contactually is not specific to real estate sales so there are no fields to store buyer information.

Internal email Software: No

Email stored with contact record: Yes

Blast email: No

Email campaign reporting: No

Capable of building email drip campaigns: Yes

Capable of building activity plans: Yes

Included template content: Despite it not being real estate specific, they told me they have so many real estate agents using it, that they added over 30 email templates for real estate

Social media: Covered in Unique and Notable Features

Call center: No

Lockbox manager: No

If you’re on the fence about it, don’t be bashful. I’ll be happy to take your phone call or do a live online screen sharing demo to show you some of the great features of this CRM.  – Gary David Hall

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CRM History

Contactually History

There is a buzz around the Internet on Contactually…

…and with good reason. I first heard of Contactually when WiseAgent affiliated with them several years ago. I thought it odd that a Real Estate CRM (WiseAgent) would affiliate with another CRM, but they did it to give themselves some abilities that they didn’t have. WiseAgent is known for that. What was it? The ability to pull in all the contact data that exists in FaceBook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Nice.

I then met a few of the people from Contactually in their booth at the 2012 NAR Mid-term Conference in DC. Made me feel old-er! These guys are young and sharp and are doing well. Bear in mind that this is not a real estate specific CRM so they have a much bigger market to sell to. That gives them a leg up on the real estate specific ones who have a much smaller market. Not to take any due credit from Contactually and their success but that put their potential to a large user base and therefore a more stable product on the fast track. It’s still early but they appear to be doing everything right so I’m comfortable recommending this young company.

From Contactually: Prior to Contactually, Zvi (Co-Founder & CEO) was running a software development firm. Like most services businesses, all of his clients came via referrals. He knew how important it was to keep these relationships warm, but he was so focused on the top of his inbox and the opportunities directly in front of him that he knew he would never be able to tend to these crucial opportunities. After trying every CRM and contact manager to no avail, he knew there was an opportunity to build a product that fit this need. Zvi and Jeff started to build a prototype of Contactually in June based on Zvi’s personal pains with contact management.  Zvi met with Paul Singh, a 500 Startups mentor, a few months later and showed him the prototype. His response was, “Two pieces of advice. One, you should focus on this full time. Two, come to 500, and let us blow this up for you.” And thus, Contactually was born.

Do a screen sharing session with me and see this product or any others in which you may be interested.

30 day free trial with no credit card required.

Contactually’s pricing ranges from annually/monthly $29.00/35.00 – $99.00/125.00/mo. depending upon the features you need. The Get a Free Trial button and the Order button take you to the same place. You start with a trial and if you like it you contact them and say sign me up.

You can cancel Contactually at any time. If you’re on a monthly plan, that will take into effect immediately, and you will not be charged for the following month period (e.g. if you’re still trialing and cancel, you won’t be charged at all). If you’re on an annual plan and past your 30 day moneyback gaurantee (if offered as part of your plan), you will not be charged the following year. We do not give prorated refunds.

This is a direct link to their site to a page created for me. No promo code is necessary to ensure any benefits provided here.

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