New affiliation with Contactually!

“There is a major buzz around the Internet on this one, and with good reason. So I am proud to announce my new affiliation with Contactually.

Although I feel it is my job to counsel agents that they should be using their CRM to truly run many aspects of their business, including transaction management, it often falls on deaf ears. They just don’t want something that involved. Many agents I speak with are just tired of following up too late with people, only to find that they have lost out on a potential listing or sale. If that’s your primary pain point and all you want is something to really keep you on top of your prospects and clients, this may well be the tool you’ve been looking for. This puppy helps you easily organize how and when you want to follow up with people. Then it becomes an ‘in your face’, ‘this is what you said you wanted to do now do it’ kinda program. It then shows you exactly what you have and have not accomplished. If you want an intelligent automated accountability coach for sphere of influence prospecting and follow-up, you want to check this one out. Oh – and if you already use WiseAgent or a number of other CRMs, it works in concert with it.”  – Gary

Click here to find out more, trial, or purchase.

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