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There’s a a great trend developing in the CRM industry. They are recognizing that one of our biggest pains is not being good at follow-up. We need someone or something in our face to make sure we get it done, and get it done in an organized and intelligent way.

Contactually may have been the first one to do it by having you separate your contacts in Buckets, which is just another way to say Categories. You would then tell the system how often you wanted to follow up with the people in each Bucket. Contactually is a good CRM if you want something pretty much strictly for follow-up,but not for marketing or transaction management. Top Producer is much more, but they have implemented something similar conceptually.

Top Producer Follow-up coach works with the data you have.  By scanning your data, Top Producer follow-up coach will intelligently bubble up 5 contacts that it thinks you ought to reconnect with.  Follow-up has been simplified, you can skip a contact if you don’t want to deal with them now, or you can further organize that contact by specifying the right pipeline status, contact types, or assignment if you’re on a team.

So you click on one of these suggested follow-ups and it opens a new window that allows you to do many things without having to click around.

You don’t have to open up a different window to do anything. It allows you to make a note of the phone call, e-mail them, schedule a follow up or skip for the time being and it will come up again later. You can change their contact type, or move them along in the Sales Pipeline.You can bang out a good number of calls quickly and clicking on Refresh brings up five more if you choose.

If you want to see it demonstrated live online just contact me and we’ll do it.

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