Gary David Hall becomes Certified ePro Trainer

Gary David Hall of RE-ACT has successfully completed the online e-PRO Certified Trainer course to become one of a select few real estate professionals authorized to conduct workshops for agents and brokers seeking the prestigious REALTOR e-PRO® certification offered by the National Association of REALTORS (NAR).
The e-PRO Trainer program is a unique and comprehensive program for industry leaders and recognized technology trainers who wish to incorporate cutting-edge technology into their training. Certified e-PRO Trainers must meet rigorous requirements that demonstrate their expertise, knowledge and skills in four main areas: training expertise, e-PRO program expertise, real estate industry expertise and technology expertise.

“I completed the online e-PRO Certification Course, and am now also a Certified e-PRO Trainer. My time is precious, as is yours, and I would not have taken the time to do it, if I did not think it was worth it. I have heard many agents that considered themselves to be quite tech-savvy, speak very highly of the course, and with good reason. I’m in front of thousands of licensees each year, and have found that because they may have once been in IT, does not mean they understand the nuances of technology, in the context of Real Estate Sales. In our business today, I believe this is something all agents should do, for their own education and betterment, for the time it will save them, money it will earn them, and respect it will garner from the consumer.”

Certified trainers are uniquely qualified to present the popular e-PRO Workshop as well as integrate e-PRO material into their own technology presentations. e-PRO Trainers are recognized experts and spokespersons for REALTOR e-PRO, NAR’s only technology certification program. Application and requirements are available through NAR’s course provider, InternetCrusade.

The REALTOR e-PRO certification course is an online educational program unlike any other professional certification or designation course available, comprehensive and interactive. It is specifically designed to provide real estate professionals with the technology tools needed to assist consumers in the purchase or sale of a home.

With more than 70% of consumers beginning their real estate research on the Internet, e-PRO certified agents have the experience and expertise to meet the demands of today’s buyer and seller. Only one percent of all REALTORS in the nation are e-PRO Certified.

“The real estate industry has undergone a fundamental change over the past several years,” said Gary of RE-ACT. “A majority of consumers are taking the time to conduct their own research prior to contacting an agent. In turn, real estate professionals must be knowledgeable of how technology can assist them in serving the needs of the buying and selling public.”

Both the content and the delivery platform of NAR’s e-PRO course were created by San Diego-based technology company InternetCrusade®. The course instructs participants in the professional use of e-mail, the development of an interactive Web site, and the use of online research tools. Graduates use the skills they’ve acquired to provide clients information on properties for sale, local communities, and the local real estate market.

For more information, click here, or call 215.813.2495.

Gary is currently offering a scholarship discount for those desiring to enroll in the e-PRO Certification Course. For more information, click here!

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